The Good Bacteria: 5 Surprising Benefits of Bacillus Subtilis That You Must Know

When you hear the word bacteria, what comes to your mind? Perhaps words like dirty, unwashed, sickening, filthy, bad. Although that is sometimes the case, other bacterias can significantly help proliferation and production in some fields. Bad dental health can lead to a build-up of bad bacteria in your mouth. If this happens, you should fix broken teeth at a dentist in avon lake. There are a lot of known bad bacteria that give more benefits than harm. Lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, and streptococcus thermophilus are some of the many probiotics that are good for us.

Bacillus Subtilis is also a well-known good bacteria that offers a lot of benefits. Also known as the hay bacillus or grass bacillus, this bacteria is usually found in the soil’s upper layers. They help varying plants to grow rapidly and effectively. Aside from that, they can also be used in agriculture, medicine, and biomaterials.

With that being said, below are some of the most surprising benefits of Bacillus Subtilis that you definitely must know. Read on.

Bacillus Can Easily Multiply

Bacillus Subtilis have a lot of benefits, one of which is it can quickly multiply. Its competitive effects include spatial locus competition and healthy competition, making it an essential component in agriculture and even gardening. They are primarily found in plant roots and induce successful plant growth. If this benefit excites you, then read more on Gardener’s Path.

Besides, Bacillus Subtilis can quickly multiply and colonize any surface, including the soil’s ground, and reject any pathogens that come in their way effectively. 

Induce Plant Resistance To Diseases

As stated above, bacillus can quickly and effectively multiply in the soil’s surfaces and benefit plant growth. It can also help plants and crops be less susceptible to diseases, making plants more resistant to any pathogens. By inducing the plant’s disease resistance potential, plants have a better survival rate in any pathogens that might find them.

Also, Bacillus Subtilis can significantly enhance a plant’s stress tolerance by inducing phytohormones and other stress-related metabolisms.  

Bacillus Subtilis Can Stimulate Immune System of Crops

Another surprising benefit of Bacillus Subtilis is that it can undeniably stimulate a crop’s immune system by secreting active substances, which reduces the incidence of diseases. Bacillus Subtilis increases the formation of auxin, which promotes the development of crop roots and enhances photosynthesis.

Moreover, Bacillus Subtilis can convert materials from the soil and help crops absorb those materials more efficiently. It also improves the absorption of nutrients from ground soil and into the crops to improve fertilizers’ utilization.

Bacillus Subtilis in Humans

The benefits of Bacillus Subtilis never stop in plants and agriculture because it is beneficial to humans as well! One essential use of Bacillus Subtilis is in our gut health. Research shows that B. Subtilis is highly effective in boosting immune activity and protects the human body from pathogens, thereby improving our overall gut health!

Also, it can survive the harsh environment of our stomach and colonizes the small intestine, where it transports the benefits to our body. It can also support our immune system, liver functions, and even dental health. There’s no stopping these good bacteria from giving extra protection and care for our human body.

Other Potential Benefits of Bacillus Subtilis in Humans

Our gut health is not the only priority of Bacillus Subtilis. It can help in other functions of our body as well. The following are some areas where the probiotic B. Subtilis helps human functioning.

● Relieves Constipation. A live binary B. Subtilis is a safe and efficacious therapy method for elderly with constipation combined with a lactulose regimen.

● Beneficial in Liver Disorders. B. Faecium, together with B. Subtilis, moves the intestinal microbiota of people with liver cirrhosis back to a healthy level observed in healthy individuals.

● May Alleviates Heat Stress. It is a fact that exposure to extreme heat can cause severe illnesses and injuries. B. Subtilis was found to be effective in the prevention of complications related to heat stress in rats. Although this is not yet subject to human trials, the results are promising for improving overall health.

● Effective for Diarrhea Problems. B. Subtilis can clinically reduce antibiotic-associated diarrhea incidence and prevent nausea, bloating, vomiting, and abdominal pain.

● Beneficial in Diabetic Foot Ulcers. Some diabetic patients develop foot ulcers, and they are more at risk of dying early than those with no foot ulcers. B. Subtilis clinically shows antimicrobial activity against four bacterial pathogens in foot ulcers.

● Dental Health. Another potential benefit of Bacillus Subtilis in human health is with regards to our oral health. B. Subtilis significantly reduce periodontal pathogens, particularly in patients with periodontitis. A mouth rinse containing B. Subtilis can reduce oral bacteria on periodontal tissue.

● Infections. B. Subtilis shows significant benefits in diseases in various forms, such as non-typhoid salmonella, human pathogen Candida albicans, urinary tract infections, and more.


Not all labeled as bacteria are harmful. Some can undeniably help in many areas that we thought is not possible. Bacillus Subtilis has more to it than meets the microscopic eye. The benefits stated above are just some of many. It only takes one research and experiment to unfold more incredible and surprising benefits and uses of the bacteria Bacillus Subtilis.

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