4 Green Cleaning Ideas For Your Home

Keeping our homes clean is an important chore, however, most cleaning products are not environmentally friendly or healthy. Adopting a good cleaning regime is the best way to protect your health and the planet, and there are several options. Of course you could always call in the cleaning experts such as home disinfecting services in New Jersey or do it yourself with the help of some cost effective tips below.

1 . Green cleaning brands

There are lots of green cleaning products that you can try out, including:

PUR Home: This brand provides a range of non-toxic cleaning products. PUR designs household products by selecting ingredients that are sulfate-free, plant-based, and biodegradable. The brand only uses recyclable packaging and is committed to teaching customers about sustainability.

Seventh Generation: SG is one of the leading brands in green cleaning, they make plant-based products, and provide packaging that’s made from recycled materials.

Caldrea: The Caldrea brand makes products using botanical and essential oils, and other plant-based substances. A few of the most popular products include cleaners such as Pear Blossom Agave and Rosewater Driftwood.

Most disinfectant and antibacterial wipes contain plastic and harsh chemicals which can impose serious health risks such as skin irritations and dryness. Biom plant-based and biodegradable wipes are purely plant-based wipes with no toxic chemicals, packaged the perfect dispenser which is display-worthy too.

2. White vinegar

White vinegar makes an excellent natural disinfectant and a cleaner, this is because it contains acetic acid. Vinegar is so acidic that it can remove grime, grease, dirt, and kill bacteria. There are many different types of vinegar, but white vinegar is the best for cleaning. Some other types of vinegar may stain surfaces. 

The vinegar smell can be a little overpowering, so you could try purchasing a few essential oils to mask the smell. Whether it’s lavender, rose or peppermint, choose something that creates a relaxing aroma in your home.

3. Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a great environmentally friendly way to clean the home. Steam cleaning uses water as a disinfectant, so there are no toxic chemicals involved. You can use steam cleaning to clean many different areas of the home including bathrooms, kitchens, and carpets. For more information about steam cleaning your carpets, contact professional Carpet Cleaners.

3. Baking soda

Baking soda is a fantastic natural cleaner, it’s a type of natural sodium bicarbonate. It’s a versatile cleaner that can be used in many different ways. You can use baking soda to polish chrome, rinse the floor, or remove grime from your bath. Baking soda is non-toxic so it’s perfectly appropriate to use if you have pets or children. For stains on your soft furnishings try mixing baking soda and water, and giving the stain a good scrub.

4 . Lemons

Lemons have antibacterial properties and contain high levels of citric acid, meaning that they are excellent for cleaning. Lemons can quickly dissolve bacteria and dirt. They are particularly useful for cleaning the bathroom. You can use lemon juice to remove soap scum or scrub off rust stains.

For a potent green cleaning solution try mixing lemon juice, vinegar, and water in a spray bottle. You can use this solution everywhere from your coffee table to your shower.

With so many options for green cleaning, you’ll create yourself a healthy routine in no time. When it comes to purchasing cleaning cloths, look out for those made from eco-friendly materials. There are many health benefits of cleaning your house, whether it’s improved wellbeing or lowered stress levels.

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