Warning signs you need a new boiler

Do you give much thought to your boiler? In truth, it’s something we hardly ever consider – until it stops working! All boilers have an expiration date and most begin to show signs of wear and tear, long before they finally give out. 

Prolonged issues with your boiler can lead to all kinds of problems, from inadequately heating your home and your hot water to costing you more to run, and even potential gas and fire issues. When a boiler starts to break down it usually comes with feelings of dread and high expense – two things none of us wants to deal with. Of course, looking after your boiler and having it regularly serviced will help prolong its life, but like with all machines eventually, there’s no choice but to have it replaced. If you’re asking yourself ‘why should I buy a new boiler?’ click the link for confirmation.

By making yourself aware of the signs your boiler is on its way out, you’ll be able to intervene before you and your family are stuck without hot water and heating in the middle of winter! Read on for the warning signs you need a new boiler.

Your radiators are heating up slowly

Modern boilers can heat radiators to the correct levels usually within minutes. So if you and your family are left in the cold, waiting sometimes hours for your radiators to warm up, then this is a sign that your boiler needs replacing. Reaching out to a gas safe registered engineer will help you determine the specific cause of this problem – your boiler could be dying, or your system could be blocked.

Your energy bills are going up

Every household experiences a rise in their heating bills in the colder months, but if your bills are skyrocketing despite your best efforts to conserve energy, then there could be a bigger issue. If your heating system is aged, and your boiler inefficient, then this will be reflected in your heating bills. Replacing your current boiler with an A-rated system will help you take better control of your heating system and keep your bills low. If you’re unsure of what type of boiler is right for you and your family home, reach out to iheat.co.uk. 

Your boiler is making odd noises

All boilers create noise; however, it should only be a low, background hum. It shouldn’t disturb your household in any way. That being said, loud, intrusive noises like bangs, whirrs and clanging are all signs that something isn’t quite right. If your boiler is making strange noises, turn it off and call in a gas engineer. 

And finally, your boiler keeps breaking down

Are you constantly on high-alert, expecting your boiler to breakdown again? If you’re regularly dealing with boiler breakdowns and a lack of hot water and heating, then it’s time for a new boiler. The money you’re spending on call outs, replacement parts and the inconvenience of being without heating and hot water simply isn’t worth it. A boiler replacement can cost you a lot of money, however this investment will surely yield savings in the long run compared to repairing your old boiler over and over again. If you don’t have the budget set aside for this, you can still get boilers on finance to ease the financial burden. Reach out to iheat.co.uk to discuss your boiler requirements.

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  1. September 15, 2022 / 21:12

    Thank you for explaining how you should get it replaced if it’s making some weird noises like bangs and clanging noises. I’ve been wondering if I should get ours replaced soon. It’s been making sounds like that for a few days now.

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