Ideal home ideas

Everyone has their own personal vision of how they would like their ideal home to look. I certainly have a fair few of my own ideas on how my perfect home would look and if I had the money, then I would certainly be making it all happen.

Yes of course, I would love a dream home like the one pictured here, but unless I happen to win the lottery then for now it remains a dream.

There are a few more realistic and less costly ideas that I would consider. Things such as leaded windows which offer more privacy. I had leaded windows in my previous house and always thought they looked so much better.

Homes come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, from a large manor home to a small cottage or flat. If you have the funds and the land then there is even the option to build your own home with the help of a professional company such as narrow block homes.

Another big hope of mine would be to have my loft space converted or boarded. Not for an extra bedroom as that can get very expensive but more just for storage and the ability to safely walk about up there. I have a good size loft with a large hatch, but unfortunately as my teenage son recently found out, it’s not safe to walk on the boards (yes he broke the ceiling)

I’ve always had a strange fascination with cellars and basements and even secret rooms. So a house with any of these would be absolutely ideal for me. Perhaps finding a secret long boarded up room inside a cellar??

A conservatory is a much wanted extra room sought by many people to improve their home. A room to sit in, no matter the weather and feel like your outside. Conservatives add that extra space to the home as well as increasing the value.

Conservatories are custom designed and built and therefore prices can vary greatly. A conservatory is also a dream home idea of mine. I love the array of varying furniture that can be placed inside them as well as all the accessories and decor. A big feature of conservatory’s is of course the glass. Conservatories look out into the garden and are usually built with huge glass windows, patio doors and glass roofs. The glass roofs often being a main focal feature and talking point.

A garden pool would be lovely, unfortunately my current home garden just would not be big enough for one, but I’d be happy with a huge inflatable one or a big hot tub instead. If I had a larger garden I’d also invest in a larger patio table and a big trampoline and swing set for my children. Also a big tree house or play house.

I do also love my technology gadgets for inside the home. I have a fairly large television at the moment – (55 inch) but I would absolutely love to invest in one much bigger and have it wall mounted, perhaps 70/80 inch if they make them that big. I’d also love a decent sound bar and some sort of device that amplifies sound all round my home for when I have music on. I have no idea what these are called but yes I’d love one.

And that’s just some of the things and improvements that I would choose in an ideal/dream home. What would be yours?

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