Ways To Combat Lockdown Blues

The lockdowns are wholly necessary to combat the spread of coronavirus, but that doesn’t make them any easier to deal with. 

Writing in The Independent, Sophie Gallagher claimed that people might come to miss the chance to do nothing in time, and to enjoy the quieter moments of life. It is true that there are ways to try and lighten the load of lockdown somewhat when it comes to being stuck in your home. 

Here’s some tips that might just help you combat the lockdown blues. 

Learn a New Skill

It’s understandable to feel stuck in an immovable rut lately. 

However, it’s important to keep your mind stimulated during periods of isolation and boredom. That way, when normal life resumes, you can hopefully integrate yourself back into regularly society in a more seamless fashion. While it’s perfectly fine to have the occasional lazy day for relaxation, do try to be productive where possible. 

Many have started learning new skills during the lockdown, with millions of online users signing up for free online courses led by top university professors from around the world. It shows a level of initiative when backed into a corner of boredom, so why not follow their example? It could be you could take courses that will improve your employability, or you may just want to learn a new language to tick off an item of on your bucket list. Indulge yourself! 

Indulge Yourself

So long as you don’t turn pleasant pastimes into excessive, harmful habits, you can certainly indulge your wilder side while at home. 

After all, if you can’t enjoy yourself at home, then where can you enjoy yourself? With the mindset of a responsible adult, there is no harm breaking out the odd glass of drink to give a mundane Monday evening a bit more punch. So long as you’re not stumbling around your house drunk by the end of your session, the occasional drink is a great way to keep yourself as relaxed and content as possible. 

If you have been trying to give up nicotine and smoking tobacco, vaping certainly provides a great alternative in what can be difficult times. You still get the sense of heading outside on a break which is what it is about for many! You could also purchase some products from Aqua Vape and give those a try to give your days some flavour. They have very affordable e-liquid deals available, where bulk buying, same day dispatch, and free delivery are all possible. Their services are user-friendly require no commitment, and they have products for beginners and veterans of vaping alike. In the end, keeping your senses sharp will help to dismantle the mundanity of lockdown. 

Contact Loved Ones

The isolation is partly an illusion of sorts – you can reach your loved ones via phone or the internet. 

Even though they might not all the there with you, they are in spirit. They’d likely tell you as much themselves if you gave them a call or message! It’s all about what kind of perspective you choose to adopt, and whether you choose to believe your experience really is the lockdown equivalent of being stranded on a desert island. Spoiler alert – it probably isn’t!

Host a group Zoom or Skype call and watch some films on a streaming platform together. You could also all play a roleplaying game like Dungeons and Dragons, embark on a fun quiz, or play video games together. Additionally, you could all just simply chat if that is more your forte. The bottom line is that you have many options available to scratch any social itches that are starting to crop up. It’s not ideal, but that doesn’t mean an all or nothing mentality is necessary.

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