4 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your House for Exterior Painting

When it comes to painting your Exterior home, many people find it difficult to start as they hardly know what to do and from where to begin the task. And only grabbing some paint, colors and brushes can’t work alone. Hence, lastly, you will be sorry and end-up repainting in a year or two.

Of course there’s nothing wrong with calling in professional painters to do a professional job, such as https://www.myhousepainter.com/painters/california/ if that’s your area. This will save a lot of hassle and mess and means it’s less likely to need re-doing in the near future.

If you wish to save money by painting your exterior yourself then read the handy tips below.

Many people make a mistake and start painting after removing material and putting on protective sheets and tape. But before you begin, look for the problem areas and make necessary repairs before applying a new coat of paint.

Cracks and holes:1. Repair any damage with a sparkling compound using a putty knife.2. Spread the compound over the blemish several times and scrape off the excess.3. Allow drying according to product instructions.

However, it is very important to prepare the walls to ensure that imperfections are corrected and that you get the longest-lasting hold for your painting.

Mildew and mold: 1. Look for areas where mold or mildew has taken hold. If the damage isn’t too much, you should be able to remove it yourself. 2. Remove mildew and mildew by scrubbing the surface with a bleach solution. 3. Once you’ve rubbed it off, let it dry, and then use a garden hose to remove moss and residue. 

Rinse the walls:

It is very important to wash the walls to remove grease and dust, which will seriously compromise your paint’s life if you skip this step. 1. If the walls are very dirty, you may need to start with a chemical cleaner. 2. Rinse all the walls with clean water and a sponge. 3. Allow your walls to dry properly before applying your primer or paint.

However, cleaning isn’t just about filling the holes or removing dirt; the surface should also be free of flakes, loose paint, oils, and whatever thing that would put off paint from bonding to the surface. Plus, for Exterior Painting Brisbane services have the basic tools like sandpaper, paint scraper, stiff brush, and many more.

Check for Ideal Weather and Temperature

Everyone knows that there are certain weather conditions that you should avoid painting in, such as rain. However, many people are unaware that temperature plays a role in paint performance. 1. Do not apply exterior paint in weather below 50 degrees. 2. Check the forecast to be sure you have a clear day without the risk of rain or snow. 3. Make sure that the minimum temperature during the night does not drop below 35 degrees.

Protect the Surrounding area

Everyone knows painting a house can be a messy task, so it’s best to cover porches, decks, outdoor furniture, shrubs, flower beds, and even walkways. 1. If you have trees, flowers, and bushes near you, cut those plants down. Plus, make sure that none of the plants touches your damp walls or damage the paint.2. Cover your furniture as spray paint can spoil them during the project. 3. Don’t forget to stick around the windows and the door. 

However, it will make it easier to protect the surrounding areas you don’t want to paint. 

Hire a Pro Online

Once you have completed your inspection and made your repairs, you are ready to choose your paint and prepare the area. Ask for detailed quotes from at least three painting contractors online and ask them for the names and phone numbers of satisfied customers. You can also contact two or three of their customers and, if possible, visit their home for inspection.

Suppose the whole process of preparing your home for painting seems overwhelming and makes you nervous. In that case, AR Painting Solutions professionals are here to answer all of your questions and concerns on how to prepare your home for painting services across Brisbane. They offer a high-quality result that makes exterior projects stand out from the rest.


Even the best paint jobs will need to be redone over the years. If your home needs a new paint job, then it is important to do some paint prep as it is one of the best ways to get the best exterior painting results.

However, painting the exterior of your home isn’t just about making it look great. Regular maintenance is also equally important to protect your home from the wear and tear of time. Paint can provide a protective barrier for the wood and metal in your exterior. Whether you are prepping your home for sale or just wanting to keep it in shape, you can improve your Exterior Painting Brisbane with a little extra care.

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