How to Move Home When You Have Kids’

Moving home is always going to be a relatively stressful experience. This is a pretty big life event. You’re literally packing your things up in boxes and shifting from one place to another. It’s not really going to be the easiest task. But when you have kids, it can feel even more difficult. Not only do you have the practical complications of moving with children – it’s hard to manage little ones at the same time as shifting an entire house worth of belongings – but you need to deal with the emotional aspects of them moving home too. Often, little kids tend to be reluctant to leave what they know behind. However, there are countless reasons why a move could be good for them and the action that is in their best interests. Perhaps you’re moving closer to friends and family. Maybe you’re moving somewhere that falls in the catchment area for a great school. You may have been offered a job that you need to move closer to, but that will provide you all with a significantly more supportive income. Whatever your reason, here are a few pieces of advice that can really help to make the move as seamless and uncomplicated as possible!

Give plenty of warning

The first thing you need to do is prepare your children for the move. As soon as you are 100% certain that you will be moving home, your little ones should know. Why? Well, as the old saying goes, sooner is better than later. You don’t want to jump a big life change on your kids right next to the time that you actually up and go. Giving them notice can help them get used to the idea of living somewhere else. Always focus on the positives of moving when talking to then. Make sure that they know they can still keep in touch with anyone they currently do. Make the entire process feel like one big adventure!

Plan Moving Day

Moving day itself is going to be the most stressful day in the whole process. So, make it as easy for yourself as possible. This generally means bringing in extra help. Sure, it may feel like unnecessary expenses sometimes. But you’ll thank yourself on the day. You’re going to have so much to focus on with moving your belongings and ensuring your kids are okay that it’s hard to do everything right. Consider using childcare for your kids. Send them on a fun day out with a family member or family friend who can be trusted. Make sure to use Furniture Removals to make getting everything from A to B easier. Remember to take breaks so you don’t burn yourself out.

Unpack the Kids’ Belongings First

You want your new house to feel like home for your kids as soon as possible. So, unpack their belongings and make their rooms homely first. This will really help them to settle in.

Sure, this isn’t going to be the easiest thing you ever do. But hopefully, some of the above advice will come in useful and help you along the way!

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