What to Remember While Packing Maternity Bags

After the nine-month adventure, when it’s finally time to welcome the baby, everything should be perfect. It is essential to be well planned for everything from the cradle to the hospital delivery bag. The maternity bags must be well designed and packed to include everything from swaddle to slippers.

Things can happen fast, and the baby can arrive a few weeks early as well. So it is better to pack the bag and be ready by the 38th week, which is during the third trimester. Be aware of the facilities and the accessories that are available at the hospital. Leave the bag somewhere nearby so you can quickly grab it during an emergency.

Here are three things to keep in mind while packing the maternity bag

The Child is the Most Important:

This is what the whole mission is about. So be aware of the things that are necessary during the time of labour and also after the delivery.

Pack a bunch of swaddles to welcome the baby and keep him/her covered during the stay in the hospital. For a newborn baby, a swaddle gives the impression of an imaginary womb before it gets accustomed to the change. A lot of muslin square clothes are also required for a newborn child.

Other than these, the bag must consist of things like diapers, wipes, blanket, tissue papers, and sock. Hospitals in Australia also provide a lot of necessities. Therefore it is better to consult the doctor before finalising the list.

Mother-to-be, Pack for Yourself:

The stay at the hospitals for childbirth isn’t very pleasurable. The mother-to-be should be aware of all the necessary things she needs to take with her for the whole stay. Some of the items that should not be forgotten are maternity pads, underclothes, and essential medications.

As the bleeding would be heavier after childbirth than regular periods, get your hands on the maternity pads for a prolonged effect. Don’t forget to pack nightwears, toiletries, blankets, sheets, phone chargers, toothbrushes, and other necessary things you need in everyday life.

The hospital’s postnatal stay should also include handouts from the antenatal classes, nursing bras, breast pads, nipple cream, and eye mask or earplugs. It is also essential to take some skincare products like moisturisers as the skin tends to dry after childbirth.

The Birthing Partner is Not a Third Wheel:

A birthing partner must think both for themselves and the mother. They should be prepared with alternatives and act spontaneously for every situation. The mother-to-be and the birthing partner should prepare the maternity bag together to avoid confusion.

A birthing partner should not forget some things like clothes and proper accessories like a hand fan or some alternatives to cool the mother during labour. 

A digital camera can be included to shoot the whole process as a memory. The birthing partner should have stocks of snacks and drinks to survive during the long wait. It is also wise to include some change for the vending machine or the car park.


These are some of the crucial things that should not be forgotten while packing a maternity bag in Australia. However, it is ok if you forget one or two as alternatives can be found.

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