Glow art and sing my name, products for growing kids

A long time ago I did a little post on a product called glow art . A transparent neon board that’s uses many led lights. Kids can draw and create designs on the board using included marker pens and then light up their designs. My two older kids who were much younger back then loved their glow art boards and got lots of use out of them.

I was recently contacted by the creators of glow art about a new updated version of the glow art board. It’s gone through a few changes over the years and is named glow art sonic.

It’s very similar to the original version but it features a sound activated light effect. The user claps and the lights change colour. The board can be drawn on using the 4 included pens. Also included are double sided tracing images, as the board is see through, these designs can be traced.

These sonic glow pads comes in a choice of different colours too.

The same company who create the glow art range also made another line of more personalised gifts for kids called sing my name. One of their products is a kids alarm clock which can be personalised to sing a wake up alarm song singing your child’s name. As it’s an analogue clock, it’s also really useful for helping children tell the time. There’s a snooze and demo button too and a second song can also be purchased.

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