Bring the magic back to Christmas with Portable North Pole

No one will disagree that this, for many people has been the worst year ever. So many people have been affected by Covid both financially and with loss or not being able to see loved ones. Children in particular have also been hit pretty hard, the closure of schools, not seeing friends, missing exams, not being able to see older relatives, holidays cancelled, birthdays cancelled or cut short and the list goes on. Eight months down the line and it’s still here. It doesn’t help when all young children are seeing and hearing are negative headlines such as “Is Christmas Cancelled” or “Should Christmas be banned” as adults we know Christmas won’t be banned, maybe scaled down to what large families are used to but not stopped entirely. However young children don’t see it that way and will panic that Santa won’t come and they won’t get anything. Something that will no doubt cause worry and upset in a tiny mind,

You may have already heard of the Portable North Pole service or PNP for short. It’s available as a website but the app version works much better. It allows the creation of videos from Santa which can be fully personalised to the child. There are also added bonuses of interactive actual phone calls whilst the video is playing which makes it seem all the more real. The videos include options to add a child’s name with proper pronunciation along with child’s age, location, town, names of siblings, yearly achievements, future goals, desired presents and much more. The personalisation makes it very realistic, we can even add photographs of child and family too.

This is just one video I made for Izebella. There is a good broad choice of different videos to make, it’s not just limited to one or two. There are a few free videos but to get the whole package you do have to pay. However the cost is worth it to see Izebella’s face light up.

A new addition to PNP is a reaction recorder where you can record the child’s reaction to the video. Unfortunately for some unknown reason, this just wouldn’t work on my iPhone and kept making the app crash. I’m unsure if it’s my device or a glitch, if I manage to get it to work I will update and post her reactions. Other new features include a group video message which would work well for multiple children in the same family. As many of you know I do have 3 children but my older two are now 16 and 13 and so a little too old for this. There’s also an interactive train video where children get to choose their own specific route, this one did work for us and was quite fun to watch.

Making PNP videos for Izebella seems to have put her mind at rest that Christmas won’t be cancelled. She’s 8 years old too so at an age where she’s starting to question it all too.

There are free but limited options on the PNP app but the premium packages start at £3.99.

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