3 Great Eco-Friendly Toys To Give Your Kids This Christmas

It’s getting to that time of year when kids present their parents with a long list of toys that they want this Christmas. There’s always a new fad that all of the kids are obsessed with and your child will tell you that they absolutely must have this new toy. The problem is, most toys are made with a lot of plastic and if you are trying to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, you might not feel great about buying these kinds of disposable toys every year. It doesn’t set a great example for your kids either, so you should consider buying some more environmentally friendly toys this year. These are some of the best eco-friendly toy ideas for kids this Christmas. 

Wooden Toys 

Before kids were playing with plastic toys, they were all made out of wood. You can still get plenty of wooden toys these days, and they make a great alternative to the plastic ones that you normally buy. If your kids are asking for robot toys, you should consider getting them the Cubebot. This great wooden toy is made using elastic bands and wooden blocks to create a robot that can be shaped into lots of different poses. It’s a fun puzzle toy that still gives your child the chance to play around with a robot, but it’s not made from plastic and electronics, which are both big sources of waste. 

Knitted Toys 

Knitted toys are another old fashioned type of toy that is making a real comeback as people try to move away from using plastic. A lot of dolls and teddy bears are made using plastics and nylon materials, but you can get some super cute hand-knit toys that are far more sustainable. Your child can play with them in the same way that they would any other doll or bear, and the quality is much better. These simple changes allow you to reduce waste without compromising on the toys that you buy for your kids. 

You could even buy a kit with instructions on making your own knitted toys. That way, you have a great craft project to do together and they get a fun toy at the end of it, so it’s like two gifts in one. 

Board Games 

Video games are one of the most common entries on the Christmas wish list. But games consoles are expensive and the games, as well as the console, contribute to plastic and electronic waste. So, why not get some board games instead? There are so many great games for kids that you can all play together as a family. It’s the perfect way to get your kids to take a break from screens and spend time with the family. The best thing is, even though some board games have plastic pieces, a lot of them are made from wood and cardboard, so they’re completely sustainable. 

If you and your family are trying to cut back on waste this year, why not try some of these great gift ideas for your kids?

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