How to Throw a Rooftop Party to Remember

Sydney is the gateway to most destinations in Australia because tourists typically fly to the city to see the iconic Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, or Bondi Beach. After that, they would go to other destinations like the Great Barrier Reef, the Outback, Kangaroo Island, or the Port Arthur Historic Site. Sydney is also an ideal place to throw a party because the city does not sleep. You have plenty of venues to choose from, whether you want an intimate setting, a theme park, an open space, beach, pool party, or a rooftop bar.

Unlike some of those venues, hosting a party at a rooftop bar in Sydney will solve a lot of your problems in logistics. For the most part, the venue will handle the sound system and even some of the decorations. Here’s how you can throw a fun party that people will remember for days to come:

1. Select the theme – The most common theme is based on the seasons. It makes it easier for the guests to choose their outfit—whether summer, spring, or winter. And choosing your decorations and other party ideas will also become trouble-free. The caterer can even design the menu to fit the theme. When it all goes perfectly together, your party will generate a buzz among your guests, especially in the age of social media.

Alternatively, you can try a fancier theme if you’re planning a glamorous rooftop party. A superhero costume party is a popular theme choice. The guests can come wearing long capes and cloaks that will billow gloriously when it gets windy on the rooftop. Costumes add another element of fun and anticipation to your party and take fantastic party photos as souvenirs.

2. Booze! – Nothing livens up the party more than alcohol. Arrange with the rooftop bar for free-flowing booze. When you pay for the venue, the package typically includes a specific number of bottles that you can drink. After, you will pay for the excess number of bottles that you consume. You should know your friends’ capacity to drink and adjust accordingly. Anticipate that you will exceed your cap for alcohol. Ask if you can bring your own bottles. It is not likely, but it does not hurt to shoot your shot.

3. Food – The next step is to decide on your menu. It is less expensive if you hold the party in the afternoon because you can get away with finger foods. You can also do so after dinner because you do not have to worry about the caterer. Cocktails are the heart and soul of any bar. The venue host can help you recommend the best dishes that would complement their cocktails.

4. Fun – You need music and an experienced host to get the party going. You need to encourage everyone to mingle and socialise. But the natural instinct of people is to gravitate toward their respective friends. If you allow it, you will have a party where everyone is focused on their group. You need to organise games, trivia, or a singing contest perhaps to involve everybody. Choose a rooftop bar with its own pool, which will expand your choices. You can have a swimming contest, water polo, tag games, and other icebreakers. Your guests can also stay by the pool to unwind after all that activity.

When you select a rooftop bar in Sydney, you also have access to their network of musicians, DJs, and party hosts whom you can contact for the celebration. It solves a lot of problems, especially if this is the first time for you to organise a party. But when holding any party, make sure that you allocate 20% of your budget for any excess expenses. When alcohol is involved, you never know what you are going to get.


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