6 Terrific Tips for Beginner and Expert Surfers

Do you want to boost your current surfing skills? Whether you’re a surfer novice or guru, it’s critical to know the basics to get the best results when catching waves. Part of the process is about selecting among surfing equipment like DHD surfboards. Besides that, you should know tips and tricks to make you feel like a world champion, whether it’s your first or thousandth surfing session. There are several factors to consider, including some of the best options:

Pick Surfboards Based On Skill Level

You can find various surfboard models that are designed for beginner, expert, or cross-level surfers. It’s critical to consider various surfboard specifications, including:● Size/Volume ●Weight •Style.

If you’re a beginner surfer, consider large and soft-top surfboards. This option is feet-friendly. When starting, you will be spending more time sitting on the board than standing on it, so a large soft-top board is ideal.

Make sure to be honest with yourself about your current surfing ability. It’s ok not to know how to do any basic surfing tricks. Like other skills, it’s a step-by-step process, and a key part is matching your surfing skills with the best board.

Surfing experts generally agree that newbie surfers can learn the basics within a month or so. One option is to learn solo. However, if you want to steepen the learning curve, consider surfing lessons from a professional.   

Don’t Learn Alone

It’s highly recommended that you learn surfing with the help of an expert. Some options include a friend who’s an experienced surfer or a surfing camp. Besides the benefit of getting expert advice from a long-time surfer, this option can also help avoid mistakes and mishaps.

Pick an Ability-friendly Surf Spot

According to CNN, the world’s top surf spots include Gold Coast, Australia; Hawaii, USA; and Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa. These hot sports are ideal for experts. 

However, if you’re a beginner surfer, it’s important to find beginner-friendly surfing areas. Start with a local beach with steady waves. This is a good place to learn surfing basics before tackling big waves.  

Watch the Waves before Surfing Them

Before you start surfing, make sure to watch and study the waves for a while. This is a practice you should start as a beginner surfer, which you can continue as you increase your surfing skills. The process becomes even more important when you upgrade to medium then monster waves.

Here are some guidelines: Note where and how the waves break. You can even observe other surfers and watch how they navigate the ocean waves.  

Start Slow and Small

It can be exciting to start your surfing adventure but make sure to pace yourself. This can help you learn faster and avoid injury. It can be tempting to try an advanced trick like an alley-oop or Flynnstone Flip. However, a better approach is to just focus on staying on the board.

While expert surfers can inspire you with their high-level tricks, you should also avoid being distracted. Make sure to start small. Master small waves before you move up to bigger ones. Focus on basic moves until you get a green light from your surfing instructor.

Learn & Master Basic Surfing Techniques

There are lots to learn, and they include:● Paddling Technique● Pop-up● Prone Position● Sitting Position● Wipe-out

You should also avoid certain things like nose-diving and bending back.

People have been enjoying surfing since ancient Polynesian times. Whether you’re learning the basics or getting back to basics, it’s important to select among equipment like DHDsurfboards. Then it’s time to learn where, when, and how to catch waves the right way!

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    Very helpful tips. Thank you. Great tips on picking the right surfboards. Getting the right equipment does matter and researching safety precautions before you start riding the waves. Choosing the right fins is also recommended for beginners. I found a great article explaining its importance here :

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