What You Need To Know Before Traveling To Antalya Turkey

Antalya, a Turkish city, is a favorite travel destination for most tourists, both local and international, and for a good reason. There is something to love about the city, from the accommodation, weather, and cuisine to attraction sites. Visiting a new place for the first time can be unnerving. It does not have to be so for you if you know several things about the destination.

You need to have prior knowledge that will help you feel comfortable when you visit. Here are some fascinating things you need to know about before you travel to Antalya, Turkey.

1) Accommodation

Rarely will you pack your bag without the thought of the place you will be spending the night. Not to worry if you are traveling to Antalya as there are numerous options such as hotels, wooden houses, and camping sites. Accommodation is available for everyone regardless of his or her budget.

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2) The Weather

It may seem obvious that checking at what the weather will be like is uppermost in your mind. However, you may not even remember it, but it is essential to check what the weather would be like in Antalya at the time of your visit. It helps you pack appropriately for the right clothes and avoid incurring the costs of buying new clothes you did not intend to buy in the city.

If you would like to travel when the season is warm and ideal for sunbathing, the best time would be from June to September. The rainy season occurs in January, February, November, and December. The climate is the typical Mediterranean with summers that are hot and dry and winters wet and humid.

It is cooler in February, wetter in December, and warmer in July; you can choose the time most convenient for you.

3) Transportation

Getting around to do your business or tour in Antalya is stress-free. The Fraport TAV Antalya airport, where international flights land, is only 13km from the city. It is close if you are staying within Antalya. You can use public transport with buses, mini-buses, trams, and taxis being the primary means of transportation.

Using buses, which is the primary means of transportation, will be ideal if you are a first-time visitor. A bus will get to almost every part as they have stations in the center of Antalya. Trams will take you around but to limited locations, but do not worry as they reach areas with significant attraction sites.

Taxis are best if you have luggage that will inconvenience you if you use any other transportation mode. It is also convenient, faster, and comfortable to use taxis though they are pricey compared to buses and trams. You will identify registered taxis by their registration numbers, which are on their sides and yellow.

4) Cuisine

What is a good trip without cuisine to talk about and remember for ages to come? Well, in Antalya, have a diary with you to write down all the sumptuous meals you will try. The breakfast is one to wake up to with tomatoes, cucumber, organic eggs, cheese, olive, and Turkish pastries freshly brewed tea.

If you love barbecues, this is the place to be as there are varieties to try. If you have a sweet tooth, the Turkish ice cream made with mastic, salep, and sugar will leave you craving more. Turkish coffee is a must-try if you are a coffee-lover; the coffee beans are finely ground and roasted to make you a cup full of flavor and taste.

5) Tourist Attraction Sites

A beach lover would wish they would spend all their holidays here. A favorite one to visit is Konyaalti Beach, which is surrounded by mountains. Lara Beach is yet another place to tour, and if you love quieter moments, Cirali Beach is the answer.

The Antalya museum, a famous one in Turkey, will help you learn some Turkish history. You will find Early Bronze Age artifacts, the Hall of Gods full of deities; for the picnic enthusiast, why not try the Karaalioglu Park and shut the city noise with the lively hangout.

Ancient cities that surround the city will give you a glimpse of historical civilizations. The most famous is the ancient city of Aspendos, which is to the east of Antalya; it was the home of a Roman theatre in 170 AD. Perge, an ancient capital, and ancient Olympos may also pique your interest.

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