Got Enough Workout Support? Here are Some of the Best Teas to Boost you Even More!

Many people are raving about the perfect body shape and size, and the recent pandemic opened the door to more in-depth conversations of the same. While working out accounts for a significant portion of one’s general fat distribution in the body, what you take daily also has a role to play.

A lot of scientific research now supports the idea of the beverage boosts metabolism, thus being the perfect support during your workouts. The only dilemma you might have now is which type of tea exactly should you go for?

Several brands are getting popular, among them being green tea, oolong, and rooibos tea. While each works differently for many, it would be more helpful to have a general overview of all available options. Let’s break this down.

Peppermint Tea
This is one of the most popular types of beverage used for better metabolism. Its benefits are endless and scientifically proven. While many take it to improve digestion, some studies reveal that it can also act as a perfect antioxidant, antibacterial, anticancer, and even antiviral remedy.

The peppermint is quite strong, and from its preparation, it could be used to relieve nausea, stomach pains, and indigestion. For women, it could even come in handy when handling cramping and spasms. In general, the beverage has overall health benefits plus helps to keep one boost up.

Green Tea
Regular green tea consumption can quickly grow you from a lazy bum to the Beyonce Sasha fierce kind of human. A study was conducted within 12 weeks, where participants took at least four cups of this tea daily plus 25 minutes of work out. The results were enthralling. Compared to those who did not accompany their workout routines with the beverage, participants lost at least two more pounds and significant belly fat levels.

We cannot deny that the tea is a metabolism booster, and you can either take it in tea bags form or buy it as a loose leaf tea. Each brew contains antioxidants to burn and release fat plus catechins, which speed up the liver’s ability to turn fat into energy. This way, fat is not only released, but it also finds a more practical use for the general betterment of one’s health and well-being.

Rooibos Tea
This one is a particular favorite for releasing kidney stones and curing different types of allergies. It also helps your bone health, and when taken with green or black tea, it could help improve bone density. Other resources point to it as an excellent remedy for inflammation and can help clear cell toxicity.

Rooibos originated from South Africa but has recently found its way and popularity in both west and eastern countries. It is generated by grounding leaves from the red bush plant. Taking it at least four times to six in a day could help lower blood levels for people with high blood pressure and reduce LDL cholesterol, also known as bad fat.

Yerba Mate
Yerba tea has amazing thermogenic effects that help to improve the body’s calorie-burning technique. This then translates to better insulin sensitivity and contributes to losing weight evenly.

There was a study taken to reveal the metabolism and nutritional value of this beverage. Two groups participated, where one was given a placebo 60 minutes to their daily exercise and the other yerba mate. The latter had better effects from their workout sessions.

Oolong Tea
– This traditional Chinese drink is a potent antioxidant that helps stabilize one’s cholesterol levels as it helps digestion. It also helps boost one’s metabolism, thus working correctly with people seeking to let go of the excess weight. People who take the tea regularly are said to lose at least a pound a week.

Like its green counterpart, oolong tea also contains catechins that help to even out one’s fats and assist the liver in doing the same.

Goji Tea
– When was the last time you had berries in your beverage? Well, with goji berries, you will enjoy more than the flavor. Gojis are extracted from Lycium barbarum found in Asian countries. The plant was traditionally used for its therapeutic effects for people with diabetes. It is also known to bring a slimming body effect.

Studies show that after a meal, it helps in digestion and bur calories for as long as four hours. You can quickly feel the effects after taking the it. For more prolonged-lasting results, you can mix it with other types of herbal beverage. It also helps to boost the taste in such cocktails.

Cola Nut Tea
Instead of going for your daily cup of coffee, why not try the cola nut tea instead? The caffeine is higher than that of coffee, plus taken hot will increase your metabolism levels, helping you to burn up excess fat. The American Journey noted an increase in metabolic rates for people taking at least 100 milligrams of caffeine daily.

If you are an all-time caffeine fan, you should try the cola nut tea, especially in between your workout routines.


Matcha tea is the best companion for people who have morning workout schedules. The beverage is made by brewing loose leaf tea with hot water and let it simmer for a while to get its rich taste. By itself, it has a fantastic earthing taste and works excellent for refreshment and getting you on toes.

Because matcha is brewed directly from its leaves, it has higher antioxidant levels than several other herbal teas. It also has ECGC that increases the oxidation capacities of the body during exercise. Many manufacturers add sugar to the processed matcha, so make sure you check the label for ingredients, especially if you do not like your tea with sugar.

Black Tea

This is the most available type of beverage, and many use it for a daily caffeine boost. An everyday cup of black tea will boost your antioxidants and even help to keep the heart-healthy. Research reveals that it reduces the risk of coronary heart disease and lowers LDL cholesterol levels. Since it has at least 45 milligrams of caffeine per cup, you can always use it with your morning routine.

To Wrap This Up

So many herbal teas are in the market today claiming to help boost your metabolism or achieve the results you have been longing for a long time. In as much as many do, note that different types of beverage are more useful for other remedies such as curing cold and sedative effects. The advantage is that most will work to improve your overall well-being at the end of the day. It would help if you gave the listed above a try.

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