5 Cool ideas to enjoy Vegas with your Kids

Las Vegas takes its title as the Entertainment Capital of the World very seriously. There is something for everyone and we mean, everyone- including attractions that are designed to wow your kiddos.

But if you have reservations about traveling to Vegas with your tiny tots, we completely get it. Las Vegas doesn’t exactly scream child-friendly and when you think of family travel, it is not typically first in the list. But you will be surprised to discover just how many kid-focused sights and sounds there are in Sin City to keep your kids entertained.

So if you are looking for things to occupy your time, here are 5 cool ideas to enjoy Vegas with your kids:

5 cool ideas to enjoy Vegas with your kids

Visit the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

The conservatory is housed under a huge dome just past the lobby of the Bellagio hotel. The Garden is full of stunning scenes designed by the best horticulturalists. The horticulturalists use trees, plants, flowers, and accessories such as gazebos, lighthouses, and bridges to design uniquely themed visual scenes

The resort’s conservatory typically alternates between five displays each year, which lasts between one to three months. What’s so great about the conservatory is that you can visit at any time of the day as it’s open 24 hours daily and it is free. Not only are the scenes great for your kids to look at, but they will present you with wonderful photo opportunities for your family album.

The conservatory is airy at 14,000 square feet and the resort has even made plans with social distancing in mind. The garden now has reinforcements to keep visitors from walking in the same direction as well as physical distancing guidelines that consist of clearly labeled floor decals to keep the recommended 6 feet distance.

The Shark Reef Aquarium

If your little ones love the sea, then a visit to the Shark Reef Aquarium during your Vegas trip is a must. Your kids will get an up-close and personal look at their favorite sea creatures including humpback whales, sharks, and other underwater wildlife.

The aquarium also recently launched a virtual reality theater which will give visitors an immersive ocean experience. Your kids will get to enjoy live-action educational and adventurous content that’s guided by marine biologists and wildlife experts so there’s lots to learn. A trip to the aquarium is a safe, educational yet adventurous way to explore underwater wildlife and it will be a treat to anyone that loves animals and nature.

To keep you safe, all theater seats as well as the googles are cleaned and sanitized after every viewing. The aquarium has also taken steps to ensure that guests abide by physical distancing guidelines. You will also find hand sanitizing stations distributed all through the venue.

Enjoy a gondola ride at the Venetian

Snaking through the Venetian Hotel are several man-made canals resembling those found in Venice. Your kids can enjoy a guided boat ride as a personal gondolier belts out Italian tunes to keep you and the little ones entertained.

You can choose between indoor and outdoor rides and each one lasts about 15 minutes. Please note that each gondola can only handle 4 passengers and all pilots will have face masks on. You should also expect to have your temperature taken at the entry point. Please also note that weekday prices tend to be cheaper than weekend prices, which can range from $36 to $39 per person.

Enjoy a valley of fire tour

The Valley of Fire Tour is the perfect time to spend an afternoon with older kids in Vegas. The landscape of the valley will fascinate your kids that they will be telling tales for years to come. They will be amazed by all the unique sandstone and rock formations. The formations are the way they are as a result of pressure from the wind and rain, so there is lots of educational stuff to be learned during the tour.

The valley also has ancient petroglyphs from the Indian people that previously inhabited the region. When you are done with the educational tour, you can amp things up with other activities that are available such as ATVing, hiking, or riding a mini buggy.

Stop by the Las Vegas sign

There is no way your Vegas voyage will be complete without stopping by the Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign. This 60-year-old sign on Las Vegas Boulevard is one of the most popularly visited landmarks in the city.

Sitting smack dab in the middle of the road, surrounded by traffic, this sign will be the true marker that your Vegas adventure is about to begin, so you must stop by to set the tone for your vacation. Because it is so popular, you will want to try as much as you can to arrive early because if you don’t, you must be prepared to deal with the long queue of fellow tourists.

You won’t need to pay any fee to experience the sign up close. However, there are performers and costumed characters that you can pose with for your photos who will expect a tip for their troubles. Remember to be extra careful, especially with children, as cars will still be passing you by.

Final Thoughts

Viva, Viva Las Vegas! Sin City may have earned a reputation over the years as the number one playground for adults. However, there is so much entertainment for visitors of all ages and sizes to sample. Life can get in the way sometimes and in this pandemic, we’ve learned not to take anything for granted.

Vegas is an easy choice to rest and relax. And if you are traveling with your family, you will be pleased with the array of awe-inspiring rides, outdoor activities, and treats awaiting your family. The ideas on this list don’t even scratch the surface, but they will set you off in the right direction and allow you to manage your expectations. Enjoy!

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