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With Christmas looming and all the doom and gloom that 2020 has bought us, its perhaps time to focus our minds on something a bit more special and sparkly. And today I’m going to talk about antique jewellery and in particular the focus being on one particular jewellery seller called Carus Jewellery.

Firstly you may be wondering exactly what antique jewellery is or what defines a specific piece of jewellery as an antique. To be honest the definition is quite simple. We’ve all heard of both the terms – vintage and antique? And it’s all down to the age and date when the specific piece was made. Vintage describes a piece of jewellery between 50-100 years old and therefore anything produced between 1920-1970. This includes Art Deco, Mid-century and retro pieces. Antique describes a piece of jewellery over 100 years old and therefore made before 1920. Collections duff as Georgian, Edwardian, and Art Nouveau can all be described as antique.

Antique jewellery can be very rare. It’s also classically beautiful and comes with a high value which increases with time. Many antique pieces are one offs and come with hard to find gems, stones and unique craftsmanship that’s rarely seen in the modern day. Antique jewellery varies in price from piece to piece. Price is dependant on many factors such as age, condition, metal, gems, diamond value along with other considering factors.

Carus Jewellery is an online seller of fine vintage and antique jewellery. They sell beautiful exquisite items to suit an array of tastes and budgets. If you’re considering a gift of antique jewellery for a loved one this Christmas then I would certainly recommend taking a look. They offer complimentary worldwide shipping with a 3/4 day time slot for UK orders. Below are just a few of their beautiful pieces which are available to buy on their website right now.

I absolutely love my charm bracelets. I have a Pandora bracelet along with many others. Therefore this 1950s silver charm bracelet was bound to catch my eye straight away. It’s very pretty with eleven old style charms attached. The price is £485 which isn’t cheap. However for a modern style Pandora with 11 charms it’s probably a similar price but with more appeal due to its age and uniqueness.

These Victorian diamond earrings come with a very large price tag of £925. I’d be worried about losing one or both if I had them, but you have to agree they are stunning. The price reflects the old cut mounted diamond surrounded by split seed pearls adjourned in old 9ct gold. These are typical of a Victorian era antique piece.

This necklace is a 1930s typical vintage piece. It has many similarities to more modern pieces and locket type necklaces have proved very popular for many years. Rolled gold as in this piece was a very popular process during the 1930s and was done by mechanically bonding gold to copper. This is one of their more affordable pieces costing just £195.

Finally a ring. Rings being extremely popular at Christmas as it’s a common time for marriage proposals. This is a Georgian dearest ring, I imagine it’s a very rare piece costing a huge £1900. It’s created with 9ct yellow gold and bosses a huge 10 point diamond surrounded by cut emerald, amethyst, sapphire, ruby and turquoise cabochons. Obviously this ring will be a one off piece meaning it may not fit your finger. Carus Jewellery offer a free resizing service on request should this be the case. I would love a ring like this one.

These are just a small few pieces of vintage and antique jewellery that I chose from the Carus jewellery website. Which is your favourite piece?


  1. September 18, 2021 / 21:46

    The antique jewelry shared by you in this article looks really mesmerizing. I really love the intricate designs made on these pieces of jewelry and I will surely share this article with my friends and family for their reference. Thank you for sharing this article.

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    The antique jewelry looks really beautiful. I liked it so much. I will share this article with my friends . Thank you for sharing.

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