Which Fruits and Vegetables Are Good For The Brain?

Food that we eat directly influences the brain work. People tend to drink coffee and eat sugar to concentrate attention and improve memory. However, there are more healthy alternatives to these products. In this post, we have collected top fruits and vegetables, increasing intellectual capacity and expanding borders of consciousness.

We have studied literature and blogs on this topic, as well as conducted a little experiment with the participation of expert writers from the custom research papers company (it is a service, providing research paper assistance and custom writing help). For about a month, they had been eating the foods listed below. They were so impressed by the results that decided to write an essay on this topic. And in order to present the information visually, they also ordered a professional PowerPoint presentation from the writing services agency https://shinyessays.com/powerpoint-presentation.

Plant food for your intellect: excerpt from the essay about the human brain and food

Academic assistants from Shinyessays.com have learned that the brain, above all, needs water and glucose. The last one is not about sugar, as its high level can cause dementia and irritability. Youβ€˜d better replace it with sweet fruits.

.1. Grapes

Experts claim that 100 grams of grapes contain 7 grams of glucose, and for the raisin, it is 29 grams. So eat some of these berries (fresh or dried) if you have a complicated college assignment. They boost your brainpower

. 2. Spinach

Magnesium, vitamin Π•, K, and folic acid protect brain cells and raise their efficiency. Spinach is the best source of these elements. The writer from the online paper writing helpagency Shinyessays.com notices that he creates English essays for students faster with this product.

3. Broccoli

Rich in vitamin C and K, this vegetable significantly improves cognitive capabilities. β€œAlthough broccoli does not taste good, it is relatively cheap and perfect for my health,” says a writer who has to cope with tens of assignments and orders every day.

4. Tomatoes

This vegetable contains B1 that ensures active brainpower and vitamin Π‘, giving strength and vitality. Buy organic vegetables to get maximum benefits for your health. Native to South America, tomatoes are now grown practically everywhere. 

All in all, all the participants of the experiment started feeling themselves better after eating these four products every day.  

We do not advise you to eat vegetables and fruits only, especially if you have intellectual work. Pay attention to the balance of your nutrition: it must contain protein, carbs, healthy fat, and essential microelements. Meantime, adding the above plant foods to your menu is always a good idea.

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