Update your room with wall art

Are you tired of looking at bare or boring walls? Perhaps your home is in dire need of redecorating but you just don’t have the time, well it’s amazing what difference some wall art can make to the whole look and feel to your room and bare walls.

Wall art doesn’t just have to be limited to basic prints or photographs either. In fact there are so many different things and themes related to wall art that there is bound to be something to suit everyone’s taste. And below are just a few examples.

Framed Prints -A popular and common choice for many homes.

Framed prints are exactly what they say, a print in a frame. The prints being by varying artists such as you can see with this selection of beautiful framed prints. There are many images and themes to pick from along with a choice of frames to suit room colour schemes. The picture above really caught my eye from the same website. Prices will obviously vary depending on size, frame and artist. Framed prints can be very unique, many being part of a limited collection from a specific artist.

Posters – Posters differ to prints. We all recall our teenage days with ripped out magazine posters of our favourite boy bands or actors, I certainly had a few on my bedroom wall, along with a whole load of pin holes and blu tack stains. However posters can also be their own piece of art work and can look great on walls too. They are usually bigger than your average print and often come without frames, due to the size. However they seem to stand out more and attract more attention than smaller prints. You can get a large poster of almost anything on these days, be it animals, nature, scenery, people, fantasy, food or something for the kids. The lack of frame often makes them less expensive too but again this very much depends on the artist and overall size. Some posters can be huge.

Tapestries – A tapestry is usually an image on woven fabric or cloth which is large enough to be hung on a wall or over a door. I have a few large tapestries covering alcoves and walls in my home and it’s a wall covering that I’d highly recommend and they look very unique and different. They are available in many sizes, but are usually big. Bigger is definitely better with tapestries and surprisingly they don’t cost the earth. I hang mine with a few drawing pins either side which tends to keep them up.

So if you don’t feel like decorating and finding those plain walls a bit of an eye sore to look out then take a look at this wall art page for some much needed inspiration.

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