In The Market For A Smart TV? Here’s What You Need To Know

Buying a TV comes with many considerations, like space andbudget amongst others. But if you are uncertain about the technologies that come with your intended new purchase, that could create far more confusion than you need. Allow me to help you in your decision-making by breaking down the basics of Smart TV’s.

Why Would I Even Want A Smart TV

One of the great things about Smart TV’s is that they often come preloaded with streaming service software, which gives you access to a huge array of services that offer not only television programming, but also host movies and let you listen to music. Other apps let you play games, browse the internet, look at photos and more – and all of this directly on your TV!

Hulu, Netflix, Disney, Pandora, Amazon, are just some of the most popular streaming services that are broadly available on many Smart TV’s.

Features To Look Out For

With so many features on offer, it’s hard to keep a clear head when you don’t know what you’re looking for. Start by identifying your needs, or those of your family, and find the right Smart TV to match those needs. Many Smart TV’s come preloaded with an array of apps, while others let you download your own.

Physical aspects of the unit, like the size, quality and how it connects, are other features to consider. The right screen size and resolution for you is dictated by how far away the screen is from where you would sit when you watch it. 4K Ultra Resolution is becoming ever more popular, and has a four times greater resolution than 1080 HD, which is currently the most common commercial option. 

Easy Access

Setting up a Smart TV, is as easy as plugging it in and connecting to the internet. Most models come with an intuitive interface, that walks you through the setup, step-by-step, after which you just switch on and watch like a regular TV. Many Smart TV’s have a built-in internet browser, that lets you do everything you could do from your PC, but on the large screenof the TV. 

Connect to Your Smartphone

Connecting your phone and your Smart TV creates the ultimate Smart combo, and creates a seamless connection, giving you continuity in what you decide to watch on various devices, and lets you share content between the two devices. You can even set up your smartphone to use as a remote control for your Smart TV!

Not A Smart TV is often considered a luxury, but if the expense seems daunting, consider the benefits such a purchase could being to your family. A workstation, sharing hub, photo viewer, movie centre and connection center all in one seems like all the justification you need to get connected to the best in modern entertainment. I hope these points give you enough food for thought when decision time comes around, and that you pick the best Smart TV for you!

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  1. December 15, 2020 / 16:29

    Thanks for mentioning getting a TV that has 4K since it has 4x greater resolution than 1080 HD. Since Christmas is coming up, I want to spoil myself and get myself a really nice 4K TV. I’ll be sure to find one that is also smart and has some apps that are already on it.

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