A List of the Best, Unique Baby Gifts for a Baby Shower

The arrival of a baby is an event that is enthusiastically welcomed, not just by the parents themselves, but by everyone who is near and dear to them – from family members and relatives to friends and co-workers. Even strangers on the street can’t help but smile when they see an expectant mother-to-be, and it’s a joyous occasion indeed once the baby finally comes into the world. But if you have been invited to a baby shower, don’t you want to give something unique and more special – and useful – than most other baby shower gifts out there? The classic baby blanket will always be welcomed, of course, but why not go a step above and beyond and give the baby a luxuriously soft cashmere blanket rather than a standard, run-of-the-mill baby blanket found everywhere? There are other gift ideas for baby showers that are better than most, so here’s your list of the best gifts for a baby shower

• A baby bath

A baby bath is a must-have, and every parent will appreciate its usefulness when bathing their baby. But don’t just go for the generic plastic ones – there are now baby baths made of mesh material, which allow the water to easily drain off when the little one is having his or her bath.

• Baby tableware

Do not forget about the affordable yet so practical baby gift set- baby tableware. For the baby’s first months, bottles are a must, because they make the fluid intake easier and anyone can help the mommy feed the baby. You can also add baby plates with dividers to the bundle, as they have the perfect portions for the baby and are extremely helpful when transitioning to solids. Another cool and handy gift idea is training sippy cups for baby, because they prevent the spills and help the baby drink without leaning its head back.

•A cover for a baby carrier

Another unique gift that will prove to be immensely useful is a cover for a baby carrier. Most parents will already know how stained and dirty baby seats can get, and it’s a hassle to wash and keep clean. But with a cover for a baby carrier or car seat, parents need no longer worry about dirt and germs accumulating and can simply wash the cover once it gets dirty or stained. Covers like these can also be used by the new mum when she is nursing, which makes it perfect for when mum and baby are out in public.

• A nappy backpack

Forget diaper bags, they are so passé. The trend now is for diaper or nappy backpacks, and they’re a lot easier to carry than nappy bags, which can strain the shoulder. Backpacks can distribute the weight across the user’s back, so mum or dad won’t have to worry about back pain at the end of a long day with baby. They can place everything they need in the backpack, from nappies (of course) to wipes, towels, and anything else they need when they go out with their little one.

• A kimono set

Kimono sets are definitely a step above your regular baby clothes, and parents will certainly appreciate the thought that goes into such a gift. Baby gift sets like these can even come complete with not just a comfy and luxurious kimono top but also a hat to protect baby’s head, bottoms, and more. If you would like to gift the parents something extra special, choose a set that’s made from the best and softest material – baby skin can be quite delicate, and it needs all the nurturing it can get.

There are other uniquely wonderful and special gifts you can give for a baby shower, including baby dresses, plush toys, and even soft brushes, but for the best gift ever, why not give a combination of all of these?

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