Hating Your Double Chin? Time To Say Goodbye To It

Let’s suppose you are wearing your favourite dress. It’s spring and perhaps your wedding day. You want to look your best on your big day. 

And there it is again, the double chin. Love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it when you are looking yourself into the mirror. You quickly lose your confidence level. You pray to God for winters so that you have those extra woollens to hide off your double chin.

You will have negative thoughts in your mind every time you find someone staring at your face and you try to hide it as much as possible. 

Hiding your double chin is not a solution at all, you can try some quick exercises and a few hacks to get rid of it. Let’s quickly jump into the article and find out these easy-breezy methods: 

Few Exercises that target a double chin

While there’s no proven evidence that chin exercises work for everyone to let you get rid of your double chin, still many prefer these over other methods. So here you can find six exercises that tone up your chin muscles and double chin area specifically. You can repeat each exercise for about 10 to 15 minutes: 

· Straight jaw jut

In this, you can bend your head backwards and look towards your room ceiling and then push your lower jaw towards the ceiling. Further, hold this position for a count of 10. Then relax your jaw and head to your normal position. 

· Ball Exercise

Get a ball of 9 to 10 inches and place it under your chin and then press your chin towards the ball and repeat this for 25 to 30 times on a daily basis. 

· Pucker up

Push your head backwards and look at the room ceiling. Then pucker your lips as you are kissing the room ceiling just to stretch down the area under your chin. Then stop this and get into a normal position. 

· Tongue stretch

Look straight ahead of you and stick your tongue outside as far as possible for you. Then lift it upwards and downwards of your nose and hold positions for at least 10 seconds and then release. 

· Stretch Your Neck

Again tilt your head towards the room ceiling and look upwards. Then press your tongue against the roof of your mouth and hold this for around 5 to 10 seconds and finally release. 

· Bottom Jaw Jut

Lets again tilt your head backwards and look at the room ceiling. Then turn your head towards right and slide your lower jaw forward and hold this position for 5 to 10 seconds and keep repeating this with your head turned towards left.

· Intake Special Diet & Small Exercises

If you are overweight then working on your diet can help you get rid of it. For e.g. Eat 4 servings of vegetables and 3 servings of fruits on a daily basis, use whole grains, avoid alcohol and processed foods. reduce your sugar intake and go for portion control. 

· Take Professional Help

You can also take the experts’ help. Professionals like Therapie Clinic offer treatments like fat freezing to let you get rid of your problem. 

So these were a few hacks to let you get rid of your double chin. Please do share your comments if you find any of these methods works for you.

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