Essential Items To Take For Your Next Yoga Retreat

Yoga retreats are often a way for us to experience a sense of calmness, helping us live in the moment. With the supervision of highly qualified yogis, it gets us a chance to stop for a moment and observe ourselves and our surroundings. They guide us on the path of natural wisdom and peace, aiding us in getting away from the stresses of daily life. These retreats provide us a chance to reset both our bodies and our minds, helping us emerge as a better version of ourselves. While going on this spiritual journey, one must not forget certain essentials to carry along to help us boost our practice.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat for a yoga retreat is quite a no-brainer. You should pack your yoga mat before packing anything else. Try picking a mat that is lightweight and easy to travel with, yet durable. Yoga mats come in various colors and designs to choose from, helping you get one that resonates with you the most. Most yogis keep one mat for practice at home and one for when they need to travel.


Leggings are obviously a must for any yoga retreat. The beauty of leggings is that it doesn’t take up much space in your bag. Dark colors provide you a more versatile base for various different outfit options while colored leggings can look quite nice paired with a black top or a black sports bra. The in-house experts at Fabletics recommend carrying sweat-resistant leggings with you. Chances are that you have chosen a cold place for your yoga retreat, which is why leggings offer better protection than shorts in the cold weather. You can take a woolen pair of leggings if you desire.

Sunscreen and sunglasses

Yoga retreats are aimed at reconnecting you with yourself and nature. This requires most of the meditation and asana practice to happen in the open. Whether you’ve chosen a warm place for your retreat or a cold one, packing a pair of sunglasses and sunscreen can be quite helpful. Imagine practicing in the scorching heat without any sunscreen, or practicing during daytime in the hills with the sun getting in your eyes. Sunscreen and sunglasses are both crucial items that you shall thank yourself for packing.


Most people wanting to dive deeper into the world of yoga choose to learn at its birthplace, India. Unless you choose a tropical location for your retreat, you will most definitely need to pack warmer clothes than just legging and a few tank tops. Bring sweaters that you feel comfortable practicing yoga in while you have to warm up. You will have to constantly shuffle between practice, meditation, classes and asana practice. It is best to wear a sweater so that your body temperature doesn’t go up and down.

Yoga retreats can be a healing experience for many people. It helps you enter a world where you disconnect from technology and reconnect with nature. Retreats often help to surround you with positive energy and deepen your yoga practice. Keep this checklist in mind while you pack for your retreat to help you fully attain all the benefits it has to offer.

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