Top 5 Tips to Treat Nail Fungal Infections

Having a fungal infection in the nail might not seem like a big deal to some. However, they can have a much more significant impact than you might think. Usually caused by a type of fungi commonly found in an athlete’s foot, this type of infection usually results in the discolouration and brittleness of the nail. And in some cases, it can cause pain and discomfort.

Despite being a relatively common infection, it nonetheless one of the most embarrassing conditions to have. After all, many associate it with a lack of proper hygiene. Fortunately, it’s very treatable. And in this article, we will discuss a few tips that should help you rid yourself of this undesirable infection. Read on below to find out more.

1. Adopt a healthy diet

There’s no denying that our diet plays a critical role in determining our health and wellness. And the better your diet is, the greater the chance that your body will be able to fight off and resist conditions that include but aren’t necessarily limited to, toenail fungus. So make sure that you eat healthily. A combination of healthy protein for supporting nail regrowth, iron-rich food to avoid the brittleness of the nail, and other food rich in probiotics, calcium, and vitamin D can go a long way in helping you treat the infection effectively.

2. Use garlic

Garlic is widely known not only as a flavouring for cooking but also as an effective herbal remedy. In fact, studies have shown that it possesses antimicrobial and antifungal properties. And because of this, it can be potentially effective against fungal nail infections. Whether you choose to treat the infection by topically applying crushed cloves of garlic on the affected area half-an-hour daily or orally ingest them in capsule form,you’ll be able to treat the condition with garlic. 

3. Try vinegar

While there’s very little research apart from the anecdotal evidence that supports vinegar as a viable means of treating nail fungus, it’s a safe remedy to try. To use this treatment, keep the affected area soaked for twenty minutes in a solution that consists of two parts of warm water and one part of vinegar.

4. Always stay clean

There’s no denying the fact that fungal infections thrive in environments that are unclean. As such, it makes sense to ensure that the affected areas always remain clean. Make it a habit to wash your hands and feet with soapy water to keep your skin and nails as clean as possible. It will make a difference in alleviating the condition.

5. Conventional medication

If home remedies and lifestyle changes aren’t enough to treat the infection, you may want to purchase more conventional medication. There are fungal nail tablets and topical solutions available that work quite well against this condition. However, always make sure that you consult a medical professional first. It will save you from a lot of trouble.

Fungal nail infections aren’t easy to live with. Not onlydo they look unappealing, but they can also cause a considerable amount of discomfort if left unchecked. But with these tips, you’ll be able to overcome this condition and get rid of the infection.

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