Redesign Your Patio Into This Amazing Southern France Style’

The hot lashings of sunshine on your cheek should want you to go outside and sit among the wildlife and nature in your garden. But, a sad and drab patio is not something that is irresistibly alluring. Old and lumpy furniture, tatty tables and dead plants are not really on the list of things that would make you want to enjoy your patio for hours and hours. Yet, most of us don’t quite know where to begin with patios because, unlike the home, their styles and themes aren’t as well known. We’re about to show you one of the most incredible patio styles in the world and it comes from the South of France.

Out with the old, in with the new

In order for your new patio to shine, there must not be any remnants left of your old patio. Start off by chucking away all that old and sad seating using a Dirt Cheap Rubbish Removal. They will arrive at your home, and one by one, lift and load all of the things you no longer want or need. It saves your home from looking like it’s under development thanks to a big old rusty skip outside the front garden. They will also remove things such as plants and lighting if you are really going for a full-on approach.

Study the style

Before you head off to the nearest garden center or perhaps, furniture shop, make sure you know what the Southern French garden and patio style is all about. Consider Baroque metal chairs that are either in pure white or black. They can also be made out of copper in a rose gold tone. These chairs are dainty, with spiralling patterns and excellent support for your back and backside. They lend themselves to cushions very well, because there are plenty of gaps in the design that allow you to sink into the seat. The table should be of a similar design and in fact, should be all-metal too. The surface will be weaved and spiralled in design, allowing you to see through it down to the floor.

Select the stone

The French patio isn’t like other styles, it uses a softer more Mediterranean style of stone. Veer off from limestone, slate or granite, which are mainly found in colder countries like England and Sweden. Go for a soft patio stone such as sandstone or Bradstone. The former is very popular because it’s naturally yellow, gold, peach and cream. 

Gentle lighting

A french patio is delicate and suave at the same time. So you need to have lighting that is gentle and will invite guests to sit in its presence. That’s why LED lanterns that can be hung from fitted stems is a good idea. The best color for the lanterns is black as it doesn’t take anything away from the LED bulb or artificial flame itself.  

Redesigning your patio is a job you should relish. Now is the time to make an outdoor space that you truly adore and cherish.

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