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Just moved into a new apartment and things have started to pile up? The feeling of moving into a new place is overwhelming enough but then you have to manage the household and organize everything in its place. This is where home appliances come in handy. Not only do they add more convenience in terms of daily house chores but also optimize them and reduces time consumption. Where you used to spend hours preparing meals, a simple home appliance like a food processor can reduce the effort as well as the meal preparation time.

The human of the 21st century has become quite used to an ‘easy lifestyle’ supported by sophisticated equipment and tools for providing a convent and efficient performance for daily household work. If you are a mother, believe me, they would make your work more convenient, sufficient, and effective and improve your lifestyle as well.  

With progress and innovation in technology, appliances have become smarter and more reliable which has improved the pace of life.

Kitchen Appliances

Electrical appliance plays a vital role in modern domestic life. They will make your everyday chores more efficient and also improve the ambiance of the setting contributing to a better lifestyle. Here are a few recommendations for you to add a touch of technology and modernity to your new home.


If you are a stay-at-home mommy and spent a major part of your day in the kitchen preparing meals for your family, kitchen appliances are a must for you. Get a food processor for easy purees and mixing of ingredients. A blender, chopper, peeler, etc. also prove quite useless if you like trying continental recipes.


Kitchen appliances do not always have to be high-end electronic gadgets. Using utensils including monochrome bowls, flatware, boards, and stackers can enhance your kitchen vibe up to a great extent. Instead of using an old regular fork and knife, invest in rose gold flatware, it looks extremely luxurious and royal. The reflective rose-hued utensils will give your place a picture-perfect look.


If you are into baking, getting a cake mixer will be life-changing for you. You can also invest in a good hand mixer to avoid an hour-long workout while making a Dalgona coffee or a meringue.

Living Room Essentials

Incorporate Innovation

A wine cooler, dispensers, and heating devices work perfectly for living rooms. Not only do they provide you convenience but also enhance the ambiance by giving a touch of extravagance to space without costing big bucks at all.

Using smart TVs or a home theater is great for enhancing the setting if you have a big budget. Along with high-tech appliances, placing stylish furniture, and utilizing the space effectively is important; it makes your setting look spacious as well as more elegant.


Choosing the right type of flooring for you home and rooms can really boost the overall feel and vibe of your home. There are many types of flooring to choose from at varying cost. For a floor that will last the test of time opt for engineered wood flooring. Although slightly more expensive than laminate, this type of flooring is extremely durable and hard wearing and will last much longer. It also looks very natural.


The most highlighted part of a living room is the sofa. Make sure to go for a shape that compliments your settings. Use multi-purpose furniture including dividers, tables, convertibles, etc. Always look for color schemes that remain in coordination with the rest of the rooms. Even if you choose a tacky color make sure it is (at least) in contrast with the room’s color scheme.

Bedroom Basics

Less attention is given to bedrooms as they are considered as the point of the house where you crash after a long tiresome day. Little do people realize that keeping this particular room comfortable is extremely important.


Lighting makes a great difference as it affects the mood. People usually make a mistake of providing the bedroom with fewer lights as ‘it is meant for sleeping’. Add sufficient lighting to maintain the aesthetics of the bedroom. Use floor lamps, scones lights, or even compound lights.

Comfort zone.

Adding fluffy cushions, blankets and quilts can contribute to the coziness of a bedroom. You can also get a cute burrito blanket as they are pretty comfortable and look adorable. A bedroom is a quite personalized place; if you are into themed goods, you can be creative with colors and themes to add personality to your new home.


A mirror and dressing table might not be essential for a bedroom but it can change the look of your bedroom. Adding the ease of being able to dress up in your personal space and having a mirror in there for reflecting the lights can not only transform the ambiance but also give a new meaning to your comfort zone by taking it to a whole other level.

Washing and Laundry

For some of you which include me of course, washing can be quite boring and hectic. Including innovative technology and a few hacks can make the job interesting, quick, and quite easy. If you have just moved into a new apartment, utilize this opportunity to set up a washing point, separately powered by technology and a couple of flunkies to run everything smoothly. 


Smart washing machines, driers, and laundry appliances can be expensive but you can always avail of promotional deals to get one. This might bring a little strain on the budget but they can make a big deal of a difference in cleaning. Not only the cleaning is more effective but also quicker and would require far less effort.

Detergent and cleaning agents

Moving into a new house always becomes more overwhelming when it comes to cleaning and dusting. It is important to have the right detergent for laundry and other types of cleaning agents. Hypoallergenic ones are highly recommended as they do not damage the skin. Use good quality cleaning agents so it would not damage the color or texture.

Scrubbers and Brushes

Buy brushes with synthetic bristles and absorbent mops. When it comes to cleaning, people often end up buying more than needed and incorrect things. Only brushes or detergents would not work as some clothes are too delicate for them. Get fabric softeners and or dry balls to keep the integrity of such clothes.    

Drying and Ironing

If your house is blessed with a backyard or a lawn, it is best to dry your clothes in a rack in sun. It is cost-effective and easy. However, for ironing, buy one with a steamer. It makes the ironing process quite easy and can be used as a steamer a well.

Bathroom Essentials

The bathroom is usually given the least attention. I would suggest keeping it in coordination with the décor of the whole house to keep everything even. Also, it can be quite an alteration of the ambiance all in all. Here are a few things you should have in a bathroom (attach or separate):

·         Mirrors (block or cabinet mirror)

·         Storage for toilet paper, extra soap, toothpaste, etc.

·         Soap

·         Soap dispenser (optional)

·         Beauty (cleaning) product

·         Toilet cleaning brush

·         Plunger

·         Clean cloth (for wiping shower walls and mirrors to avoid watermarks)

·         Mop to keep the floors dry

·         Dustbin

·         Towel and hooks to keep them dry and bacteria-free.

If your bathroom space is small utilize vertical space and walls for hanging and hooking stuff on. It helps a lot.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       The bedroom might not require that much of appliances but do invest in good lighting devices. As for bathrooms, including toothpaste, handwash, and soap dispenser can make a huge difference. They are more hygienic and look great.

Dining Area

I know this idea might sound a little tacky but, combing rooms is a great way of saving space. Even if you have a large apartment, this idea can improve the aesthetics of your dining hall and you can incorporate other things in thereby saving space.

The type of things you need for your dining area depends a lot on the setting. If it is more of an antique and Victorian type of space, try to incorporate this vibe in the table cloth, or patterned table runner, furniture, and utensils. If it is a minimal setting with solid colors or floral patterns, improvise.

Here are a few essentials you will be needing anyway besides a dining table

·         Table leaf bags

·         Server’s cart

·         Matching utensils

·         Eye-catching crockery

·         Dramatic light fixtures for sufficient lighting

·         Rugs for saving the floor from getting scratched up by the furniture

Necessary Stuff for the Bath

You do need a luxurious bathtub to have a great bathing experience at the end of a tiresome day. Even with a minimal setting, it can be quite relaxing.

·         Always keep all your skincare, haircare, and beauty products close. Add a shelf for them if you want; it will help you remain organized.

·         Hang the towels, loofahs, and scrubbers on hooks to keep them dry.

·         For a refreshing scent, you can always light some candle but a safer option is an air freshener spray can.  

·         Install an exhaust fan for fresh air and always keep the windows and window’s glass frosted.

Utility Essentials

Utility essentials serve various purposes including their utility and the aesthetic look. Include the following to complete the look of your new apartment:

·         Clocks (analog or digital)

·         Lights sources (lamps and bulbs)

·         Radiator

· Rugs and carpeting etc.

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