7 Ladies Fitments You Must Try Even You Are Growing Old

Depending upon seasons all women should have some modern and trendy accessories to boost their personality and make their outfit perfect.

It is also a general perception or a social taboo that if you have conceived children then you must abstain from vogue and trends. But it is something that must be changed now in this era.  So below I have discussed some important accessories that women must incorporate in their routine to look classy and fabulous.

1- A Classy Handbag

This is a must accessory for every woman and no woman leaves her house without a handbag. You should choose a nice leather handbag and whichever size you like depending on your requirements. 

Women have all their necessities in their handbag so choosing a decent bag is important and tries to match the color of your handbag to your heels to make an impression.

If you choose a designer bag then it’s worth investing in it as it lasts long and also a key to your personality and look.

2- Bandana

This is a traditional accessory for women and it just adds charm to your outfit. You can make numerous styles with just one scarf and add life to your boring outfit.

The most recommended brand for a beautiful collection of bandanas is  4inbandana.com. This site gives you so many options and a variety of personalized bandanas to match each of your outfits.

You can wear a bandana around the neck on the head on the wrist and each style has its own allure and glamour. They are cozy enough to be kept in your handbags. So consider this while dressing.


An outfit is incomplete without jewelry such as a gold chain for women. A unique piece of jewelry adds to your personality and makes you look more confident. These days layered necklaces and decent gold pendants look fabulous. A pair of neat rings adds to your beauty and in this way you can look more classy.

An important thing about jewelry is that you should keep in mind the type of place and event you are dressing for. Because each event and gathering has different requirements for it.

4-  Smartwatch

I love this accessory and honestly, this is the most decent accessory a woman can wear in daily life. A smartwatch adds charm to your busy personality and also helps in managing things.

When working out you can wear a decent digital watch and look cool. Watches are of different brands and you don’t have to buy a lot of watches matching each outfit. Just has a few decent pieces and you are done.

So you must have this in case you want to make your impression and last your looks. 

5-A Classic Belt

A classy belt is a versatile jewelry piece and it makes a stylish and modern look. This can help to keep your jeans in place and add shape to your body.

A leather belt either black and brown in color is excellent to look stylish. A leather belt bag is something that will take you to another level. 

One thing about this to keep in mind that your leather accessories should match in color or your shoes, handbag and belt should be of similar color.

6-  Hat

Hats are not that common but they are never out of trend. Besides sun protection you can also add to your style with a decent hat. You can wear a vintage or a beach hat in summer and can prefer knitted beanies for the winter.

Why is this so attractive? Let me tell you a funny fact that it can cover up bad hair if you didn’t wash. This can also be useful for making a perfect statement for an outfit.

A well-chosen hat will add to your confidence and give you a traditional 90’s look making you stand out among others. So try this out to look fab.

7- Designer Glasses

A decent pair of sunglasses is the best way to add looks to your personality and alleviate the outfit you are wearing. This accessory is so stylish and classy that no matter whether you are at a beach or a party it will keep all eyes on you.

Sunglasses have different trends and their styles are continuously changing, but a classy pair of sunglasses is a worthy investment in your looks and is necessary for every event and function. So you must consider buying and keep this flashy accessory with yourself all the time.

Wrapping up

I would say that all these accessories are a must for every woman. They are not very costly and you can easily improve your looks and look classy with just a couple of accessories.

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