Wedding abroad – things to consider

The day you get down on one knee and propose to your partner is a day of joy. Well, perhaps not a full day of joy, or even an hour, maybe more like 90 seconds of joy. Then the wedding planning starts in earnest and you instantly regret everything. Why? Because nobody can agree on a single thing.

Who should be invited? And more to the point, who should be specifically not invited? Are you planning to feed your guests? What about the flowers on the day? And where will the flowers go exactly, venue wise? The all-important venue must be discussed without delay. Then there are things like who will be chosen to be chief bridesmaid and best-man, if indeed your wedding is having such titles for the people in charge of things. 

There’s too much to consider and the whole thing is going to cost a fortune and being engaged sounds great so let’s put the wedding off for another year? Right? Wrong. That’s what ONE of you will think. The other will take offence. There’s no end to the misery of the happiest day of your life. 

That’s why, today, we’re going to take a look at things to consider if you decide to tie the knot abroad.

Weather, surrounds, and backdrop

Unless you marry and divorce the same person multiple times, sharing your wedding day with this particular set of friends and family is only going to happen once. 

The weather can play a huge part in how much people enjoy their time, especially when asking them to travel abroad. The surroundings must be chosen to suit the wedding vibe – the backdrop will stay with you in photos for eternity (and why not buy a canvas print of your special day’s special moments?). 

All we’re saying is, perhaps choosing to get married under a freezing Norwegian waterfall in the gloom of winter is a poor choice as far as weather, surrounds, and lighting for backdrops are concerned. From the glitz and glamour of decked out hotels to the rustic appeal of castles, countryside, and stately homes, finding a balance between weather and backdrop for your abroad wedding is worth your time. 

The venue – accessibility, cuisine, cost

If your chosen venue is atop a severe precipice with limited accessibility, expect your guests to grumble. Likewise, if the cuisine is restricted to acquired tastes like certain fish or spicy dishes, the list of people who agree to attend may be slimmer than you’d hoped. Then there is the cost. Nobody wants to spend their ‘vacation fund’ on an around the world trip to a mountain top in winter, only to receive a spicy fish dish in return. 

There’s a lot to consider, and the best way to start is perhaps to imagine the kind of wedding abroad that you’d like to attend. Keep it simple, and the guests will come.  

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