Watch Out Ladies- Bedroom Signs That Indicate Male Health Issues

People in close relationships are bound to care for each other. Women, in particular, are likely to be more conscious about the health of their partners and even the smallest issues can be of concern for them. Although your bedroom moments are supposed to be intimate, there are some signs that you must be vigilant about because they are as good as warning bells from the health perspective. Paying heed is all the more important because men are likely to overlook medical conditions and miss appointments. And it makes sense to take some strong healthcare decisions on the behalf of a loved one, even if it means going to the extent of nagging them. Here are the bedroom signs you should raise an alarm about because they can indicate health issues with your man.

Loss of libido

Though a man may experience a gradual loss in interest for sex with age, you should be concerned if your partner is unable to get or maintain an erection long enough for satisfying sex. While this could spell trouble for the relationship, he could be suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED). So you must coax him to see a doctor sooner rather than later. If he’s suffering from conditions like ED, it is only right to find the right treatment for ED. Although the problem is chiefly age-related, young men may experience it as well. The problem can cause mental stress and performance anxiety but has more serious implications. It may go hand in hand with cardiac disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypertension, fertility issues, and kidney disease. So you must coax him to see a doctor sooner rather than later.

Urination problems

Another embarrassing issue that your man may not be comfortable talking about is urination problems. If you notice that he is off to the bathroom frequently through the night or is unable to empty his bladder fully, he needs medical attention. It could be something treatable like prostate enlargement or a more serious concern such as prostate cancer. Fortunately, benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate) can be treated with supplements. You can go through to know how these natural supplements work. Surgical treatments may be needed for cancerous conditions. However, the first step would be to get a medical diagnosis and you must convince him to see a urologist right away.

Treatment takes time, and the bladder problem won’t go away overnight. While undergoing treatment, talk to him about using incontinence protection pads to protect against urinary leakage and reduce his anxiety over having an accident so he can live as normally as possible.

Problem with conception

For couples experiencing problems with conception despite trying for several months, it becomes important for both the partners to be screened for fertility issues. The problem may be related to male, female, or combined infertility and testing is the only way to come up with a result-oriented treatment plan. Factors like an undescended testicle, injury to the testicle, enlarged veins, and history of testicular cancer elevate the risk of male infertility because they can interfere with the sperm count and quality. If you are looking forward to conceiving soon, timely diagnosis and treatment of fertility issues with your partner increase your chances of manifold. Although men have problems admitting to such issues, your support and concern can make things less stressful for your partner.

These male health problems may seem simple on the surface but they can be much more serious than you believe. Be honest and open with your man and convince him that he needs help. The right approach can help him live healthier and longer!

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