What Is a Himalayan salt lamp?

Himalayan salt is mined in Pakistan in the Himalayan mountains, the salt is taken from the ground and it has a pink color to it. They are extracted as a chunk of salt, they are carved and hollowed out to place a lighting fixture inside. The result is truly amazing the light glows through the salt giving a beautiful orange glow. A salt lamp will add character to any home. The salt is believed to be millions of years in age. Each salt lamp is hand-carved and each lamp would be a one of a kind. Over recent years, salt lamps have gained popularity due to its acclaimed health benefits.

A salt lamp has a gentle glow perfect as background lighting perfect for chilling out. Many people that use salt lamps often feel more relaxed. It also makes a perfect night light if you have a toddler as the light as is not too bright.

Different sizes

Salt lamps come in different sizes and are usually measured by the weight of the salt. They also come in different colors such as white and grey. The grey salt is much rarer than pink salt.

There are smaller USB salt lamps that come in all sorts of shapes, such as the shape of a heart, leaf, dolphin, turtles and much more. These small USB salt lamps are perfect on an office desk, you can plug them into your computer. They are perfect for bringing a relaxing feel into your office and reduce stress.

Health Benefits

A salt lamp attracts moisture from the air, people will often find water around the base of the lamp. This happens more often in a damp house, a salt lamp acts as a small humidifier.

When the salt lamp is lit, people believe they create negative ions, which can reduce pollution from electromagnetism. The negative ions can also react with pollen, dust and dirt in the air. People with asthma and hayfever will use salt lamps in their homes. A salt lamp helps clear the air in people’s homes.

Using them with yoga and meditation

People often use these lamps during yoga or meditation as the soft glow from the salt lamps helps them relax. The salt lamp can help people focus. Using salt lamps is a great way of bringing a relaxing feel into people’s homes.

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