Dating with social distancing

No one would have thought or even believed that the 2020s would begin with a horrible pandemic which has thrown the world into lockdown. New rules put in place, people not seeing family, not travelling, no school and many people not being able to work.

But what is life like for single people and those who like to go on dates? Can this still happen whilst observing the social distancing rules that are currently in place? Well the good news is that yes it can, although sadly not quite the same as it was pre-pandemic. Many dating sites, such as this Cardiff dating site have seen an increased boom of members and users since the pandemic and lockdown began. This is hardly surprising given that the start of the lockdown involved not leaving home except for essentials such as shopping and not seeing family, friends of loved ones. This for single people will ultimately lead to feeling even more lonely than before.

Dating has for now taken a much slower pace than before with people spending much more time getting to know each other online or in the virtual world rather than meeting up (which previously was not allowed during lockdown). This is where phone video apps such as WhatsApp, FaceTime and Skype have become god sends. Instead of physically meeting someone straight away, many would be daters are getting to know there potential date via video chat (as well as txts, phone calls etc). Video chats can be very useful when getting to know your date. It means you get to see the real them in their familiar surroundings and not an airbrushed filtered photo. It also allows conversations between you both similar to what would happen on a physical date. Of course video calls don’t compare to actually being face to face with someone or sharing a first kiss, but unfortunately for many and for now this is the way it is. And what if you are a shy person who does not wish to face anyone directly? Well, in that case, you can go for different chat apps giving you the liberty to get comfortable, bridge a connection, and then meet. There are several platforms available to give you this opportunity to get to know a stranger and gel-up with them comfortably. For instance – Mymobileline Chatline is FREE for Women and Men. Such mediums work as the foundation to pure and strong relationships.

I find dating sites like Cardiff dating site are really great for meeting people. You can browse hundreds of profiles and chat before exchanging numbers or other personal details.

Now that the lockdown rules have been relaxed a little, it is possible to meet up with people outside the home (however at the time of writing this the 2 meter social distancing rule remains in place). Therefore it is possible to arrange to meet your date. Unlike before the pubs, cinema and restaurants are all closed and so options for a first meet and date remain limited. A good idea may be to meet at a local park, weather permitting obviously. A park allows for social distancing to take place but you can still see, walk and chat to eachother and even sit down together. This sort of date even comes with added benefits of not hiding behind alcohol, and not getting too drunk that you fall over or show yourself up in some other way. It means you can get to know the real person in tough times too. It’s also a very cheap and cost effective date as it costs literally nothing to walk around a park and talk for a couple of hours.

If you decide this date is for you and you both like eachother then remember that the lockdown and social distancing rules won’t last forever and in a few weeks or months time real dates and relationships will be back on the cards once again. I met my boyfriend right before lockdown began on a dating app. It’s been tough. We haven’t been on a real date but we make it work.

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