Best Tips on Planning a Nursery Room for Your Baby

Choose a room that’s easy to access
As any parent will tell you, there will be times where you need to access the nursery as quickly as possible, often during the night. You can prepare for this by choosing a room that is easily accessed from your own bedroom.

Come up with an appropriate colour scheme
When you are choosing paint, curtains and other accessories, bear in mind the types of colour schemes that suit babies. Very small children will benefit from a soft, gentle scheme across the room, with brighter colours reserved for smaller details such as toys.

Pick the best cot for your baby
Cots come in a wide number of varieties, and so there are a number of considerations to make when choosing a baby cot bed. Make sure that your baby will be unable to climb out of it: choose a cot with tall, vertical bars, preferably on all four sides so as to better enable ventilation.

Take safety into consideration
You will want to keep an eye on your baby as much as possible, and there are a number of tools to allow that. Baby monitors are an obvious one, but you can also look into professional CCTV installation for real peace of mind.

Decorate the ceiling
One thing it is easy to forget when decorating a nursery is that the baby will spend much of their time looking at the ceiling, rather than the walls. Try to come up with a beautiful design that will decorate the top of the room.

Take hygiene and sanitation into account

A nursery will be a place for regular nappy-changing, and this can obviously get messy. Ensure that there is a corner of the room that has space for nappy-changing and similar cleaning processes, and is easy to keep clean when the job is finished.

Leave room for supplies
On a similar note, make sure that there is space for the supplies that you will need when your baby is growing. These will include clothes, nappies, sanitary wipes and more. Even if you keep items such as baby powder in the bathroom, it might be a good idea to have spares in the nursery.

Take your baby’s growth into account
Don’t forget that your baby won’t be a baby for long. Soon, your child will be a toddler, and a whole new set of concerns will come into play: perhaps a baby cot bed will become too easy to climb out of, or decorations will find themselves in the reach of tiny hands.

Remember the lighting
Getting a night-light for your baby will be a good idea, but do not forget that sometimes, lights can be too bright. If you have any kind of light on the ceiling, install a dimmer to stop it from dazzling your baby.

Think about the temperature
Like goldilocks’ porridge, the temperature in the nursery must be not too hot and not too cold. Keep an eye on open windows and central heating, and think about installing a ceiling fan.

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