Children’s toys that were recalled

Most of us have a fondly cherished childhood memory of a particular toy that we loved. That one toy that filled our hearts with joy and that we were inseparable from. These were great toys. Not all toys deserved to be in our toybox; some of them, in fact, were outright dangerous to our health. With a ridiculous number of toys causing injuries, according to personal injury lawyers, we decided to look into some of them.

Aqua Dots

This infamous toy included a kit that allowed you to fuse beads together with just water. Millions of them were sold in 2007. The horrific thing was if the beads were accidentally ingested, as many small parts in kids’ toys are, and the beads released the date rape chemical GHB into your system. Over 4.2 million kits were recalled as a result.

Atomic Lab Kit

This children’s science kit contained a lot more than most parents bargained for. Released in 1960’s the Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab, came complete with not one but four types of radioactive uranium!

Easy-Bake Oven

This children’s oven was recalled twice in just one year. This was a result of several children burning their fingers in the appliance, and one unfortunate girl even had to have her finger incubated. This did not stop the company, though, and their newer model with an electric heating element was a massive success.


In more recent years, the ridiculously successful must-have toy of 2015 was the hoverboard. These devices received a huge backlash after a number of Chinese manufacturers began selling them at a much cheaper price. Unfortunately, to get this lower price, they had to install dodgy batteries. These batteries had a tendency to burst into flames. It was so bad that one three year old actually managed to set his house on fire and died in the blaze.

Lawn Darts

You have got to hand it to them, the creators of lawn darts were definitely brave. Creating a product that was essentially a huge weighted sharpened spike, that kids threw about the garden? What could go wrong? Well, unfortunately, lots went wrong. Over 5000 kids went to the hospital during the toy’s prime, and there were even three fatalities.

Rollerblade Barbie

The idea behind Rollerblade Barbie was that each of her feet had a flint-like device similar to a cigarette lighter. This meant as you dragged her feet along the floor, sparks would shoot out the back. Obviously, this led to a huge number of cases of accidental fires across the country, who would have guessed?


Trampolines, according to the statistics, are the most dangerous toy that has ever been released. So much so that homeowner’s insurance may be void upon the purchase of one. This is because every single year, 90,000 people are sent to hospital because of a trampoline!

There you have it, some of the toys on this list are quite shocking, others not so much… we are looking at your Atomic Energy Lab.

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