Tips for a good sleep routine for your baby

Anyone who is a parent will know how tiring those first few months with a new baby can be. The night time constant feeds, and feeling like you will never again get a decent nights sleep. While some parents get lucky and have a baby who sleeps through after a few weeks, other parents may struggle for months on end trying to get their baby to settle into a good night time routine. Below are a few useful tips to help bedtime become a little easier.

1) Keep baby in your room – Until your baby is six months old, the safest place for your baby to sleep is in their own cot in the same room as you, whether it’s during the night or at nap time in the day.

2) Set a time and stick to it – Good bedtime routines start with setting a time. Okay a baby has no clue how to read a clock, but they can start to recognise various other things, sounds from tv programmes, feeds, dark & light etc. A set time also helps parents and other siblings too. A good bedtime is between 6.30 to 8.30pm

3) Bath time – If you’re happy to bath baby each night then this can help them become more relaxed. Of course not every family has time for nightly baths and not every baby is happy to be bathed. If this is the case then swap the nightly bath for a fun wash and wipe down instead. If your baby enjoys a massage then this can also aid relaxation.

4) Dim the lights and sit with your baby – Think about fitting a dimmer switch in the room where baby is sleeping. These are very low cost and easy to install and allows the lights to be dimmed at night. This is now the time for a story or lullaby and lots of bedtime hugs or quiet talk. Your baby will soon come to understand that this is what happens before sleep time.

5) Goodnight kisses – Hopefully by now baby should be relaxed and may even be starting to slowly drift off to sleep. It’s now time for those final goodnight kisses. A nightlight can be great for baby or one of those that project images onto the ceiling and plays lullaby’s.

If you follow these tips, then hopefully your baby should soon settle into a good sleep routine. For more baby bedtime tips, take a look at Emma’s Diary baby sleep advice. Also take a look at this useful infograph below.

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