The Influence of Technology on the Legal Field

All industries go through changes, but some go through changes more frequently and more profoundly than others. The legal field, for instance, is one such example. When the world changes — which it always does — then so does the profession that provides the backbone of a functional and well-operating society. As well as changes in the types of topics that the legal field covers, changes also take place in how the profession works, and is taught. Indeed, in recent years, some of the biggest changes we’ve seen are in the legal education sector.

Just as technology and digital tools have transformed the way that we live, work, and entertain ourselves, so too have they transformed how we’re educating the next generation of legal experts. For example, whereas in the olden days legal education used textbooks written by legal experts as the foundation for education, today, they’re using videos and other digital tools prepared by similar experts. Educational institutions are also using online tutorials and mobile applications to enhance the student’s learning experience. 

As well as in the classroom, it’s clear that the rise of technology will have a profound impact on the types of cases that lawyers of the new generation are tackling. Intellectual property, especially with regard to the internet, will become especially important. By using adaptive, wide-ranging educational tools, lawyers will be ready to bring their expertise to the issue. To learn more about how technology is influencing the legal world, take a look at the infographic from the University of Southern California below. 

Infographic Design By University of Southern California

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