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Every woman and even younger girls will no doubt own a pair of leggings or maybe a few. I have a few pairs myself but if I’m being totally honest; I much prefer jeans, dresses or fancy pants. However I do like to wear sporty leggings for the gym and exercise and again I also have a few pairs of those.

I very recently acquired a new pair of sporty type leggings from a place named Love leggings. As you’ve probably guessed they are all about leggings and they sell many pairs. Leggings for everyday wear, kids styles, maternity and sporty.

These are the pair that I have. You’re probably reading and wondering what makes these so different from any other pair or cheaper pairs, as they do cost Β£27. Well they are really comfortable to start with despite looking quite tight prior to trying them on. They don’t feel tight on but are tight in a way that they cling to my legs really well and don’t fall down or sag when exercising. They keep their shape well even after washing and also have a slight shimmer to them too. They have pockets for keeping phones and bits in whilst at the gym.

I also like the cropped style. It means they are good for the warmer weather too. They seem quite robust and not the type of clothing that will lose shape or easily ruin. Check out their website for other styles.

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