Three’s Company, Four’s A Crowd, But What Should You Do When You Don’t Want To Expand Your Family Anymore

Nothing beats the feeling of bringing new life into the world with love, care, and a fresh personality to nourish and uncover. Mums and dads alike adore newborn firsts and the joy of watching their children turn into people they can be proud of. Those feelings of love and joy are so strong, in fact, that it’s hardly surprising some families just continue to grow.

At some stage, though, you may hit the wall on where your family comfortably rests. This can depend on various things, including money and living space. Sometimes, parents also reach a stage where they’re too tired to continue.

Whatever your reasoning, it’s vital to know and feel comfortable enough to say when enough is enough. Before you do, though, you might want to consider the following fundamental questions. 

# 1 – Do you want to help someone else before it’s too late?

You already know how blessed you are to have a family, but this is a privilege not everyone enjoys, and that’s worth considering before you prevent your family capabilities altogether. Whether you want to help unknown couples or aid struggling loved ones, sperm and egg donation are both fantastic acts of giving. Sadly, once you take steps to prevent your own family’s growth, they may be off your cards, so think hard now about whether this is something you’d like to do. Do note, though, that you’ll also need to consider how this will impact your partner and your kids before you sign up for anything certain!

# 2 – Which of you is going to take the plunge?

If you want to avoid unexpected babies in the future, you’ll also need to ask questions about who’s going to take the plunge to make that happen. Most commonly, men opt for vasectomy in these instances as the procedure is simple and non-intrusive, but some aren’t comfortable with the idea. In this instance, women may have to consider a tubal ligation, which involves slightly more invasive surgery. Discuss the pros and cons for each, and make sure you agree as to who would be best booking that appointment. 

# 3 – Is this really what you want?

Most importantly, you need to be sure this is what you want. Too often, couples rush into closing family doors only to find themselves feeling broody. Admittedly, vasectomies do have the benefit of being largely reversible, but it’s best to avoid that trauma ahead of time. To do that, sit down and have a long hard chat about your feelings from a family perspective. Discuss why you think it’s time to stop now, and turn to practicalities to seal that decision because, once you take action, getting a dog is likely the closest you’ll get to expanding your family further. If you have no doubts even after this discussion, then you’re probably ready. But, if you can’t let go of the idea of another baby just yet, it might be best to hold off until you can.

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