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One of the benefits of living in modern times as a human, is the ability to exercise some level of control and also to regulate things that ordinarily should be out of the control of a human.This ability to control and regulate can now be applied to a number of situations or conditions around us.

Some examples of such situations or conditions among other things how comfortable our immediate environment is. Thus, rather than being deterred, humans are able to function despite prevailing natural challenges with the help of scientific and technological inventions.

One such technological invention is the Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning system also known as the HVAC for short.

What is HVAC?

It is the sum total of the systems and equipment used to control and regulate the temperature in an indoor environment. This might involve the cooling, heating or even the provision of fresh air to remove the contaminated air in an indoor environment.

These days, they have become so much of a necessity in residential, commercial and even in indoor recreational facilities, to the extent that living without them is basically unimaginable. Despite how important it is, many people just have a less than basic idea of what it is. Thankfully, there are many sources from which you can get information about it. You can find one such source here.

How Does It Work?

The basic purpose of the HVAC system is to improve the air quality indoors! This is done through a process of mechanical ventilation as against the natural processes which includeopening your windows, doors or just using the inbuilt ventilation system in the building.

This mechanical ventilation process has become the standard these days because of the modern construction systems, in which houses are now more tightly sealed than before. This makes it necessary for an alternative source of ventilation in the building; visit this URL for more.  

Thus, this mechanical system is built in such a way that when itsucks in air, it goes to an air handling unit where the air is purified and the dusts, dirt and other unwanted particles removed. From here, the air is sent off to have the excess humidity removed and also cooled or heated depending on the requirement at the time.

When all this processes are done with, the clean and fresh air is now directed to homes or offices and this is the thermal comfort the occupants get. For a further detailed study into this, visit  

Types of HVAC Systems

HVAC systems can generally be classified into commercial and residential systems. 

While the residential systems refer basically to those used in homes or in small businesses, the commercial systems refer to the ones normally used in industries or by large building complexes. Though they may serve basically the same purpose, they are different in many ways. Some examples of these differences are listed below.

1. Capacity: The commercial system is built with a higher capacity than the residential unit. This naturally affects its size so it is usually a lot bigger than the residential system.

2. Complexity: The commercial system is basically more complex than the residential unit. This is because, while the residential system is to serve a house with definite requirements or needs, the commercial system will serve a larger spectrum of people with different needs.

3. The Manufacturing and Installation Process: They are manufactured and installed differently. This is because, while the residential unit will usually come in a ready to install package, commercial systems have to be uniquely customized to suit the complex or building that it is to serve.

4. Maintenance: While the residential systems are easier to maintain and can even be repaired by the owner if need be, commercial systems are much more complex. This is because, its maintenance and repair has to be carried out by technicians who know about that particular system.

Getting The Best HVAC Technicians

It is necessary that you have your system serviced by professional technicians at least once a year, whether it is aresidential or commercial system. However, due to the intricacies involved in the maintenance of commercial systems, the technicians you hire for the job matters a lot.

Both the installation and repair of a commercial HVAC system requires trained and properly qualified professionals to ensureproper installation and repairs. This is to prevent shoddy fixes which may lead to serious damages.


The weather is not always friendly, sometimes it might be too cold or too hot. Thanks to technological advancements, this does not have to affect you in any adverse way, especially when within your space.

Beyond its purchase and use of your HVAC system, its maintenance should also be a priority. You should therefore ensure that you only work with the best technicians available

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