Mosaico gemstone jewellery

Nothing beats receiving a stunning piece of jewellery be it for Christmas, birthdays or valentines or any other occasion. At Mosaico jewellery they have so many stunning pieces created from sourced gem stones and metals. As the jewellery is made from real gemstones it does mean that each piece will be unique and slightly different to other similar pieces.

I was able to choose my own pieces from the large collection of necklaces, bracelets and earrings and so I went with this stunning Alyssia bracelet.

It arrived in a pretty gift box and is made with Agate and Carnelian. It’s very pretty and very natural with varying tones of oranges, browns, creams and greys. A small carnelian stone sits at the gold clasp. It’s a very pretty piece.

The stones are a really generous size too, and therefore really stand out. There is also a matching necklace to compliment the bracelet. What I didn’t know when choosing this piece is that Agate is actually the Gemini birthstone and therefore my birthstone too.

This bracelet costs £50.00

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