Find Some Practical And Exciting Gifts To Give This Festive Period

Christmas can be a tricky time of year when it comes to treating those you love. Some of your family and friends are most likely incredibly easy to buy for, or at least put you in the direction of what to buy them over Christmas. However there are always a few people who slip through the cracks and leave you wondering exactly what you can buy them this holiday period. Perhaps they are digital nomads and do not own too much, or maybe they have everything you can think of and don’t need anything else, or perhaps they are so picky that they’d leave you feeling that even a simple voucher would not suffice…you are not alone. So what gifts can you buy to really tempt their taste buds and leave them feeling wowed by your exciting and interesting thought-provoking gift ideas? Let’s take a peek at what you could leave them in their stockings this year! 

Games & Quizzes

A really exciting way to brain train and to exercise your brain is to play games. There are plenty of logical games that will be very helpful for the problem solving friends, that can be fun and either played alone or with friends. Puzzles such as Wasgij puzzles are brilliant for the artsy types who enjoy finding all the missing pieces of jigsaws. Jigsaw puzzles are actually also very logical and really help visual learners, for both young ones and adults alike and they’re a little quirky and fun too. Word games are also very popular too, Word Up, Articulate, Scrabble sound old fashioned but lots of traditional board games are being upgraded and changed, even Monopoly can be purchased for your own town which makes playing that little bit more comical. Smaller games that can be taken with friends on their travels can be practical too, such as a Rubix cube can keep people occupied on planes and trains or a luxury card set which can be slipped into your pocket for travel. Of course, travel friendly games also include mini versions of your favourite games. Start playing! 

Get Outdoors And Give Them Something To Look Forward To

The outdoors doesn’t really seem preferable during the cold winter months but as spring approaches, you can buy something for your friends and family that they can take advantage of way after Christmas and well into the new year. Things for the garden may not seem overly exciting but there are plenty of things to buy for someone’s garden that will be practical for them. Fairy lights, a lovely pair of fairy lights are fun and fresh, they can light up someone’s garden and they come in many different colours and styles that you’re sure to find something. You can help bring the indoors outdoors and make their garden, porch or balcony feel like a bigger part of their home! Luxury gardening tools for the garden-loving friend can be a good way to show someone how well you know them and a set of golden gardening tools will be a good way to let all their neighbours show also how trendy they are during their gardening stints! Potted plants for the garden are another favourite and if they choose not to have them outdoors, they can also be used indoors, good plants for both indoors and outdoors include: geraniums, boxwood, hibiscus and big succulents! 

Fine Teas And Healthy Treats

For your more health conscious friends, there is plenty along the lines of healthy gift sets that your friends can definitely take advantage of. Lots of brands now offer healthy hampers, or alternatively you could put together your own! Healthy teas can be their perfect January detox gift, to flush out all those christmas toxins from too much indulgence over the festive period. A good example of healthy tea companies may be Yogi tea, Lipton tea, Rituals and Harney and Sons organic tea. Creating a box of your own is an option also if you’re craft and thrive on making gifts! 

Musical Gifts For Your Theatrical Friends

Music is the food of love and it instruments may not seem the most common gift but there are some instruments that are affordable. Of course buying a brand new drum kit or an electric guitar will set you back a little, so here are some affordable instruments that are both fun and can be made to create some sweet music this festive season. A panflute can range from inexpensive to very expensive and can be a beautiful instrument to learn to play. A mini keyboard or synthesizer that can be plugged into a laptop can also range in value but it can create music through an app, so any budding songwriters will love this one! A banjo! It can even be purchased second hand and is a great instrument for all year round, making music round the summer BBQs and is an incredibly different style of gift! 

Give The Gift Of Relaxation

It is no easy task to relax. More often easier said than done, so if someone you know works round the clock or suffers with anxiety or stress and is in desperate need of some relaxation tips, then giving some of these simple gifts could help them in their quest to take that much needed ‘chill out session’. Diffusers come in all shapes and sizes but a humidifier is a beautiful gift idea that releases a vapor into the air and releases a small amount of oil into the atmosphere, which may be used in aromatherapy. Try oils such as lavender, patchouli and sandalwood for relaxation or peppermint and eucalyptus for clearing the upper respiratory system and breathe in fresh clean vapors with good healing properties. It beats the harsh aromas of certain candles or incense sticks and provides health benefits whilst also cleansing the air, it’s a winner all round. 

So whoever you’re choosing to buy for this Christmas, make sure it’s something they’ll definitely thank you for.

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    If you like then you also can give the mini chromebook as gift that will remain always with him/her whenever he/she will use. I think this is the best one gift if we give to someone.what do you think about it .

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