Protect your treasured devices this Christmas

For the majority of us, our phones have become a part of us and it’s easy to feel lost without them. For me personally if I can’t find my phone or god forbid the thing got broke, it would feel like losing a part of my body. So if you feel the same or perhaps your kids are getting a new phone for Christmas then perhaps look at ways in which you can protect your treasured phone.

Most new handsets are made fairly tough, they are much more durable than years ago. However what you need to remember is that the screens are still just glass, and no matter how tough glass is made, it can still crack and smash especially when dropped from a height. New screen repairs can be costly, if covered by insurance then a fix can take a fair few days too so here are a few options for extra protection.

Basic Screen protectors – These fit over your phone screen and are made for all types of handsets. The majority are just a piece of plastic which are sold very cheaply. These mainly just protect the screen from scratches and will give minimal protection against drops and shock.

Tempered glass screen protector – Unlike the cheap plastic film cover, these are made with a thin sheet of glass. These provide much better protection if the phone is dropped. The tempered glass screen will absorb the shock of a drop and may even crack, however your phone screen should remain intact and the protector can be replaced.

Phone cases – The majority of phone owners have one of these on their phone. Not only do they give extra protection but they can also look quite pretty or cool and will make your phone unique to you.

They come with so many designs and colours. From wallet cases that enclose your whole phone to tough cases and clip onto the back of your device. It’s important to choose a good tough case to suit your needs. have a great choice of extra tough phone cases, the majority being made with thermoplastic polyurethane. This is a high strength material which is used in a wide range of products. Not only is it shock resistant but will also protect a device from heat, liquids and abrasion. If you’ve paid hundreds for a handset then it’s certainly worth a few extra quid to protect it, isn’t it? Prices at Supcase vary depending on device.

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