Style 4 Ever Jewelry Studio for girls

Having two girls in the same house means lots of pink, bling, making stuff and the odd bit of mess. It also means piles of toys and boxes of stuff to do when the weather is miserable.

So this is our Crystal gel jewelry studio from canal toys, which is the same company that also do the wonder garden, slime studio and bath bomb creation sets. This set is all about creating unique jewelry with the use of special gel. The gel gets moulded and basically sets hard and attachments get attached to turn it into rings or bracelets etc.

This is the gel gun that comes with it. It doesn’t need any batteries and it doesn’t get hot. It’s perfectly safe. The difficult bit, we found; was mixing the gel. You get a double plastic packet, each part of the packet contains a solution and you have to somehow burst the pack so that the middle seal splits and both liquids get mixed, without of course bursting or making a hole in the outside of the gel pack. It’s not so easy. Once done this gel pack gets folded and inserted into the gel gun. The gel gun and contents can then be inserted into the mould trays.

Add glitter, blingy bits, sequins etc and also the jewelry connectors and leave to set. You then have your made jewelry.

Unfortunately the jewelry gel packs don’t really last long, once the seal is broken and the contents mixed, they are pretty much a one use item, therefore you do have to use up all that colour in one go. However the set does come with a few packs and also refill packs are available containing more gel and accessorises. The main set costs between £12-£20 and can make up to 20 items. Refill sets are extra.

It’s suitable for children ages six and over and I do think the price reflects what you get in the box and therefore fairly reasonable. It’s a fun set but it doesn’t always work how we want it too and some of the jewelry just didn’t look like jewelry at all.

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