Keeping your Property Safe during the Festive Season

As this time of year rolls around, a lot of households become full with festive gifts under the Christmas tree, and lots more households can end up being very relaxed about their homes being on display. However, this lack of awareness can leave you vulnerable. So here are a few tips to keep your property safe during the festive season.

Keep Presents Out Of Sight

Presents are one of the main features of the festive season, and it’s nice to display your gifts under the Christmas tree. However, the tree usually sits around the living room and usually on full display close to a window. The last thing you want is for someone to walk by, see the presents, and then break in. The likelihood is that you’ll have a lot of expensive gifts under there that you don’t want to go missing. So try to keep these presents out of sight until the big day and cover this area using your blinds or curtains by keeping them closed. You might also want to use a blanket to cover the presents around the tree.

Secure Christmas Light Entry Points

The entry points in which your Christmas lights need to go can be a vulnerable spot, and one you want to make sure is secure. With the electrical line feeding through a door or window, that can end up compromising the lock’s position. So what you want to do is to try and arrange an external source for your lights to be plugged into, or create extra security around that point. As much as the festive lights are important, the entry points need to come first.

Invest In Motion Sensor Lighting Outside

As far as general security goes, motion sensors can offer a good amount of security to your home. You can get these for your alarms indoors, but you might also want to get some motion sensor security lights for the outside of your home. These can be great for adding that extra layer of security and also acting as an alert for you, should anything or anyone come close to it.

Keep Your Doors Locked

Over Christmas, you may have friends and family coming and going but it’s important that even though you may leave your door open during the day, you don’t. You don’t want to take any chances in life, and when your leave the door open, anyone could just walk in. So it’s important to make sure that even when you’re inside your home, both front doors and back doors are shut at all times. You can keep the key in the door while you’re up and about, and that way, you don’t have to keep going to the door and forgetting to pick up the key. 

The festive season should be full of happiness and positive memories, so make sure you’re keeping your property safe by taking the necessary steps to keep it safe.  More importantly, you should be keeping your family safe.

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