Disney Frozen 2 – True Friendship game

With the recent release of the brand new Frozen 2 movie which is now in cinemas, we all knew that lots of frozen merchandise would soon follow. The shops and stores are full of frozen 2 products and we were recently sent this Frozen 2 true friendship game from Jumbo games.

It’s a simple set up with the object being to save Elsa from a character called the water nork. There are 5 playing characters being Anna, Sven, Elsa, Olaf and Kristoff. These are all cardboard figures which slot inside a plastic base. Each character starts on a designated spot on the board. All characters are in play regardless of the number of players.

Play is determined by a spinner. Now we did have a few problems putting this together. It’s not the best playing part. We had to fold a plastic ribbon in a certain way so it formed a spinner. I think the idea is to blow on it rather than move with fingers but its quite unstable and often comes apart. I do think this part could be made better.

The spinner determines how many spaces to move or if a player is unlucky, how many spaces the water nokk moves towards Elsa. If the water nokk gets to her first then it’s game over so it’s all about getting all the characters to her first and saving her.

The age guide is 5 and over. I think older children may find it too easy. It’s over quite quickly as it’s really easy to play. Izebella seems to like it tho.

Prizes start at around Β£15.00. From most good toy retailers.

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