4 Reasons to Spend More Time with the Family Even If You’ve Got More Important Things to Do

Without any doubt, our lives are fast, and we have to keep up to its crazy rhythm to achieve in different spheres.

We have long got used to keeping up with the pace. It seems like a modern person always has plenty of things to do. First come school and homework, then college, lectures, exams, and academic papers, after which a job and related chores take 90% of our focus, energy, and time.

Living such a busy life, most of us tend to forget about things that matter the most. As we get older and busier, the free time we once used to spend with our families starts diminishing. 

Weekly family dinners get replaced by several short meetings on holidays. Daily long phone calls turn into weekly or even monthly short ones. You may not even notice how you finally start giving priority to other things than your family.

Is it a bad sign? Well, while being a dedicated, hard-working, and busy person is okay. Moreover, these are the qualities of successful people. After all, working hard and focusing all your energy on the tasks is likely to bring you a sense of achievement, success, and money. However, is it worth ignoring your family?

While a successful career or big money can’t buy you happiness, spending more time with family surely can!

Many people seem to be forgetting about the importance of spending some quality time with their loved ones. They often hang up the phone, saying they are too busy. Stay late at work and skip dinners. Some may even forget birthdays and other important days due to a large work or academic load.

Such an approach is sure beneficial for your academic or career success. However, does it benefit you personally? Not really! Sometimes, it is better to cancel a meeting, order essay online instead of wasting another day to write it, refuse to work extra hours – all to free up some time for what really matters — your family.

Why is it so important? Here are the top four reasons that prove that it is always a good idea to spend more time with family even if you got more important things to do.

Get Enough Time with Everyone

Although each of us hopes that people we love will be nearby forever, sadly, that’s not true. Life is unexpected and sometimes even cruel. You never know when you are going to spend your last weekend at grandma’s or say the last words to your dad. 

And, when this happens, you will probably be sorry you haven’t given them more attention.

Although it sounds devastating, one more reason to take a break from work and other things and focus on someone you love is that you never know when you can lose them.

Increased Productivity

It is a bit controversial, but in fact, the less you work, the more productive you are! Of course, each of us strives to do one’s job well. We are doing our best to avoid procrastination and, often, overdo it. This can lead to the opposite result – the work can be pretty grueling, and once you overburden yourself with it, you may burn out way too soon.

This is another reason to give more time to family. Look at it this way – if you want to be successful at work, you have to be productive, and if you want to be productive, you’d better get enough rest. There is no better way to get some rest from work than spending time with people you love. This will give you a boost of energy and dopamine, and eventually, you will get back to work even more productive than before!

Strengthen the Bond

One of the core reasons to give more hours to your beloved ones is because it helps to build a stronger bond with everyone.

This is especially important for busy parents. While you may already have pretty solid bonds with your own parents, siblings, and spouses, you will need to put some effort into developing the same strong ties with your own children. And you will need time for this.

Boost Happiness

Studies have proven that spending time with people you lovecan make you a much happier person. According to the study, people are generally feeling more satisfied with their lives when they get enough quality time with their families and friends. Enhanced life satisfaction, in its turn, makes you feel happier.

Moreover, according to other studies, most respondents confirm that they feel much happier because of family gatherings…where family members cook delicious bread together and enjoy with each other, compared to different material possessions.

On the Last Note

Therefore, if you still believe that money, cars, clothes, or jewelry can make you happy, you are probably wrong, and the statistics confirm it.

So do plan the next visit to your loved ones, and do it now. Find out more by viewing these book recommendations.

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