Four Things You Need From Gucci And The RealReal For The Fall Season

The RealReal has a number of Gucci items for the fall that you need to add into your wardrobe. Continue reading to find an option that fits into your personal wardrobe. Plus, remember that Gucci gives you a bit of sophistication that you cannot get from other brands. When people see the Double G logo, they will know that you take your clothing and wardrobe seriously.

The Logo Hoodie

The logo hoodie is a great thing to wear because it has the logo all over the fabric so that everyone knows you invested in a nice piece. However, it fits loose so that you can wear as part of a fun athleisure outfit. You could throw on a hat to match with this outfit, and you can wear tights and fashion sneakers that pull the look together. When it is just a bi windy outside, this outfit will keep you warm and confident.

The logo hoodie is also a great thing to wear around the house when you want to be comfortable and feel presentable when people come to the door. Getting ready in the morning to work in your own house or to clean up on a day off is much more fun if you have a nice hoodie to wear.

The Track Jacket

Track jackets are making a comeback because they are a retro style that people once wore all the time. Some professional athletes have been wearing track clothes for a longtime because it is part of their aesthetic, and you can get a track jacket that has the designer’s logo in full view of the public. Anyone you meet on the street will be impressed by your jacket, and you can add this jacket to any outfit if you are a bit chilly. The track jacket also zips up tight when you need to get a scarf and stay out of the cold.

Track Pants

You could wear the full track suit you found from The RealReal that includes loose-fitting track pants. When you get a nice pair of track pants, you can wear them with a nice top, with fashion sneakers, or a bodysuit. You can throw the jacket on over this outfit, or you could use the pants when you are going to the gym, running to the store, or lounging around the house. You will always look good when you are wearing a nice pair of track pants, and you can get a bright and bold color that everyone will notice.

Mule Slippers

Mule slippers should have a fur lining that will keep your feet warm and comfortable during the fall. You can wear these slippers as house shoes because you want to stay warm when the temperature starts to drop, and you can wear the slippers out of the house when you are running to the store or doing some shopping. These slippers also come in a number of colors that you can match with your outfits. Because of this, you can wear fun colors even though you are wearing a simple pair of shoes.


When you shop with Gucci and The RealReal, you can find the four fashion trends above and so much more. The store has all the colors and styles that you need, and you can buy these items for much less money. The consignment sales that you see in the store allow you to add to your fall wardrobe now, and you can continue to wear some of these outfits in the early spring when it is a bit chill outside. Plus, you can introduce colors to your wardrobe that are hard to find in the fall.

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  1. Shelley Jessup
    October 8, 2019 / 17:17

    I’m partial to a Gucci bag & some accessories but I’m not to keen on the reason collections available.

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