(Fonts – A font is a graphical representation of text that may include a different typeface, point size, weight, color, or design)

Computers were gradually introduced into schools when I was a young child. When I got the odd chance to use one I was quite fascinated with the way I could change the type font to create a totally different look to my text. Fonts and typography have changed considerably over the years.

Fontbundles is one of the highest ranking font databases. It is used regularly by crafter, graphic designers and even blogger like myself.

Many years ago (pre computer) Fonts were not available to simply download. Typography and the use of differencing letter patterns was a very complicated and expensive art that took a long time to design and print. This all changed with the computers arrival and programmes such as Adobe and other online font makers.

Fontbundles offers both free and paid individual fonts and font bundles. Font searches can be narrowed down into categories such as regular, symbols, foreign and my overall favourite to use – Script! Plus a few others. The actual font bundles seem to be really good value, you basically get 100s of different fonts and other bits in one package for a very low price. For example as I was browsing through the website, I came across this pretty cool β€œmythical design bundle”

This one caught my eye as it’s right up my street and also perfect for anything Halloween related. This one bundle contains literally hundreds of different fonts, cards, vector elements, clip art and so much more. This one fontbundles comes with several individual bundles with the themes being around unicorns, vampires, mermaids, zombies and many more strange and mythical creatures.

And any designer or someone interested in fonts and font bundles would be happy to pay a meagre Β£8.03 for all that. The bundles vary in price as do the individual fonts and you will also come across the Design Bundles too which is even better. However some of them expire quite quickly so it’s best to purchase fast once you spot one you want.

And if mythical creatures or Halloween things aren’t your thing then not to worry as they have plenty more bundles to choose from including many Autumn, winter and lots of Christmas themes. As well as many others aside.

Each bundle seems to be very carefully put together to combine various fonts and elements that relate to each other in an obvious way yet remain very unique.

Using Fontbundles can really help when designing your brand logo, as they even have a vast choice of images and formats to create your perfect brand logo font.

The font bundles are easy to download. Once purchased they usually arrive via a zip file which is easily unzipped with a free programme. (WinZip) The files will then be available on your system to install. You will need to have a laptop or pc as I highly doubt they will install on a mobile device. The installed fonts can now be used and played around with on various graphic editor programmes such as Adobe, Inkscape, Canva, Snappa and many others to use as you wish.

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