The benefit of Mockup bundles

No matter what size your business is or what category it falls under, there will come a time where you will need to use some sort of logo or design for your company. This could include your official company logo, business posters/leaflets, your website or any merchandise you supply. Those who work in the clothing manufacturing business and especially so T-shirts will know the benefits of shopping around for design bundles to use.

If you sell T-shirts or use T-shirts to promote your business then using various mockup bundle packs is an inexpensive way of going about getting the design you desire.

A Design Bundles is a product design preview that is added to a blank T-shirt. The mockup can include the t-shirt on a model as per the image below or it can show the t-shirt on a plain background.

Ready made mockups for T-shirts are a very inexpensive way of allowing any potential customers to see how the t-shirt looks on an actual person. There are many programmes online to create your own, but if you aren’t very creative then there are also several places where you can buy and view pre designed bundles.

The mockup bundles usually come as downloadable google drive files. These get downloaded to your device once purchased and come with varying options that can be played around with, such as changeable colours and various layers. Each bundle will contain a different amount of images and templates which should be accurately described in the item description. The images should also be high resolution.

Playing around with mockups can actually be lots of fun. My brother used to have his own small t-shirt printing business which he actually ran from his large garage. He had all the correct equipment and the software to create various designs and mockups. When creating or editing mockups it’s fun to experiment with colours and shadows. The same logo or design can end up looking totally different on a different coloured background like this t-shirt mockup below.

Many websites offer a free small preview of your mockup to see before you purchase. However you will not usually be able to change colours or apply any edits until you purchase it.

This is a very recent holiday photograph of me with my children on a recent holiday and a brief preview of how it looks on a t-shirt, if I really wanted one making.

It’s really good as you can choose to see the t-shirt by itself but also on a man , woman, child or totally different backgrounds.

And that is what t-shirt mockups are all about. They are a way to see and view how your chosen images, templates, text, logos etc would look on a t-shirt before actually going to print. They are easy and can be lots of fun to use and certainly come in useful for anyone who is considering starting some sort of t-shirt printing business. You certainly don’t need a degree in design to use mockups.

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