How to go about buying a Panerai watch

Though it Panerai company migrated their manufacturing from Italy to Switzerland, they have remained true to the original style of Italian designs of the early 20th century with today’s collection being far more diverse as compared to the original. 

You will likely be attracted to the Panerai brand for various reasons. The Panerai craze has cooled down of late but the brand still continues to have devoted and fanatic fan base. The people who like it are in existence. In the watch forums nowadays, the focus seems to be on the Omega and Rolex but the truth is that Panerai has something unique to offer too. 

With the Panerai, you will be able to get the beautiful, distinctive, and bold look of the watch, which combines with the unusual and cool history that it has, creating in it a package which is irresistible. 

The essence of this particular brand of timepieces is robust simplicity. The early brands were made to be diving tools using the movements of the Rolex pocket watch. They were pieces which were functional, made to be tough and legible. They were constructed to be able to get used to environments which were harsh. That is the character which is at the heart of the appeal of the Panerai. That is what pulls most people into getting their first Panerai.

A diverse and vast catalog

The Panerai brand offers over 20 inhouse watch movements as well as a number of movements which are built on the third-party bases which are found in over 100 individual model of watches available in bronze, steel, gold, titanium and proprietorycase material which include bulk metallic glass, synthetic ceramic using micro-arc oxidation and polyether ether ketone. 

At times, the difference between models tends to be a matter of case material or dial color but at times, you might become frustrated when shopping for a Panerai due to your preferred fit and look might not be equipped with the same functions/movement that you prefer.

The best strategy for shopping for a Panerai

The best way to divide and conquer the catalog of Panerai is to ensure that you sort it out based on the movements. But before you delve into movements, it is important to know the Paneraimodel categories.

Panerai four main model categories

•Radiomir: This is in reference to the oldest models of Panerai watches of the 1930s which featured either integrated lug with spring bars or wire lugs which detach for changes of straps. The smallest one is at 42mm and mostly they are large, classic and Panerai faced

.• Luminor: The brands beginning 1940s when Paneraimoved from Radiomir lume base to mixture that contained tritium that was patented as Luminor. In the 1950 signature crown lock was introduced by Panerai. It is featured on the Luminor line which has integrated lugs and a cushion case shape which has its roots in the past but was modernized in 1993 during the first collection by civilians.

• Luminor Due: Thinner, smaller, and fancier. It was premiered in 2018 and it was the answer to Panerai demand for both more feminine and small models. Its water-resistant is up to 30 meters making it be a typical dress watch. Though some people dismiss it as fluff pieces, there are people who find this model to be one of the most good looking and most comfortable.

• Submersible: In the year 2019, Penarai separated out the dive watches into a new category and this made the catalog to be more simplified.

Limited editions

To be able to satisfy the die-hards of Panerai, the brand, just like any other brands, offers steady stream timepieces which are limited edition. They can be as few as 10 pieces and they sell out easily. To stay on top of the limited brands of Panerai’s limited editions might be an ongoing challenge. Other limited available of Panerai include pocket clocks and watches which are manufactured in small quantities.

Panerai numbers

The inhouse movements of Panerai carry caliber numbers in the format of Pxxxx. The company decided on movements which are built on ETA/Unitas base which have Roman numeral caliber numbers that normally start with OP  for example OPXXII. Each of their watches is assigned a PAM or individual reference number example PAMxxxxxx

If you are buying your first PAM, you will be able to notice that various models vary in great ways. Choosing your ideal combination of features could be fun. You will have to choose between the need for a marina dial or a base dial. You can also choose between an automatic which has a micro-rotor or one that has a manual wound. There is also the option of picking the white dial or dirty dial; Luminor or Radiomir

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