How to look after your Combi Boiler in Winter months

With winter around the corner, it’s time to start preparing for the colder weather. Whilst buying jumpers and coats is one way to prepare, our homes need some attention too.

First things first, make sure your heating systems are raring to go. 

The chances are that you haven’t had to use your combi boiler for a good few months now, so it’s vital to get it ready for the change in season. I thought it would be useful to offer some tips and tricks for looking after your combi boiler and avoiding any unexpected breakages.

Protect your condensate pipe.

As the colder weather draws in, the pipes around the outside of your home will naturally become prone to freezing. If your condensate pipe is to freeze though, this will stop your combi boiler from working altogether. To prevent this, make sure that your boiler’s condensate pipe and water pipes are as insulated as possible.It is far easier to protect your pipes from frost than it is to fix any issues once you have left your pipes to become blocked. As the saying goes – fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

• Bleed your radiators semi-regularly.

Another important task to be included in your boiler maintenance routine is bleeding your radiators. Over time, pockets of air can become trapped inside your radiators, stopping the heat from spreading. 

Temperamental radiators can result in a chilly home and high boiler pressure, so make sure to bleed your radiators and allow the air to escape on a semi-regular basis. This is by no means a difficult task but can make the world of difference in the temperature of your home. All that’s needed is a radiator key and an old container to catch any water.

Keep a check on your boiler pressure.

Boiler pressure is another big player when it comes to looking after your combi boiler. It can either become too high or too low, but either way, it’s important to keep regulated. 

Ideally, when your boiler is switched off, your pressure levels should be kept between 1 and 1.5, for your boiler to function as it should. If you notice your pressure gauge displaying noticeably higher or lower pressure, there are a few reasons why this may be the case:- Have the pressure valves on your combi boiler loosened?- Have you bled your radiators in the past couple of months?- Is there a leak somewhere in your heating system?- Does your boiler need re-pressurising?

Making sure your boiler pressure is where it should be can reduce the risk of any heating problems as the weather turns colder.

Book in for regular services of your boiler.

Whilst some combi boiler issues can be fixed without professional help, sometimes it’s best to accept a helping hand. Booking regular services for your boiler before and throughout wintertime is a great way to keep your boiler in tip-top shape and your home as warm as possible. An engineer can identify any more serious issues and help to eliminate the risk of any faults cropping up in the future. 

If you think your combi boiler is reaching the end of its life, or you just want to make sure your home is protected from the elements, why not opt for a brand new model? BOXT specialise in the speedy installation of only top-quality and highly-efficient boilers to customers across the UK. Don’t hesitate to get in touch and have a brand-new boiler installed as soon as the next day!

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